Absolutism Jeopardy Review

Euro Exam Review – Absolutism
Page 420-444
Terms, People, Places, Etc.
Absolute Monarch
Balance of power
Petition of Right
Bill of Rights
Phillip II
Charles I
James II
Maria Theresa
Dutch Netherlands
divine right
limited monarchy
Balance of Power
Cardinal Richelieu
Oliver Cromwell
William & Mary
Peter the Great
Spanish Netherlands
habeas corpus
Peace of Westphalia
Louis XIV
Charles II
Frederick II
Catherine the Great
Holy Roman Empire
Essential Questions
Why did Absolutism succeed in some countries, and not others (France/England)?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of absolute rule?
Important Questions
Why did the Spanish economy decline in the 1600s?
How did French rulers become absolute monarchs?
What issues divided the Stuart kings and Parliament?
What were the causes and results of the English Civil War?
How did the Glorious Revolution ensure the rule of law?
How did the balance of power affect European diplomacy?
What were the goals of Russian foreign policy?
France (absolutism/divine right) vs. England (constitutionalism/social contract/limited
Absolutism Jeopardy Review
Jeopardy Round
100 – A grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella, he sought to make his power absolute
200 – The idea that God gave a King his/her authority to rule
300 – Spain battled Protestant rebels in what part of Europe that it controlled outside
Spain proper
400 – The century from 1550 to 1650 is often called Spain’s siglo de oro; what does that
500 – Spain defeated the Ottoman Empire at what famous battle in 1571?
100 – Louis XIV was known as this because he thought that France was the center of
200 – It was created to keep the nobles happy and occupied so that Louis XIV could
increase his power.
300 – Louis expanded the bureaucracy and appointed these…royal officials who collect
taxes, recruited soldiers, and carried out his policies in the provinces.
400 – What does “L’etat, c’est moi” mean?
500 – Before Louis this religious figure ruled France and helped set the foundation of an
Absolute Monarchy
100 – The leader of the Austrians, she tried to create a strong Austria
200 – This Empire was a patchwork of several hundred small, separate states that paid
little heed to the emperor
300 – The Austrian Empire included Germans, Magyars, and ……
400 – Austria lost this province to Prussia
500 – The name of the royal family that controlled Austria
100 – He was known as Frederick the Great
200 – Most of Prussia is now this country
300 – Prussia focused its attention on this in order to be strong
400 – Prussia and Austria emerged at the end of what war
500 – Name of Prussia nobles
100 – Peter moved the Russian capital to this city
200 – What empire to the north did Peter defeat and gain a warm water port?
300 – What empire to the south did Catherine defeat and gain a warm water port?
400 – This country disappeared as an independent state in the late 1700s and was split
amongst the Russians, Austrians & Prussians
500 – Name 2 of the 3 ports gained by Russia on the Black Sea
Double Jeopardy Round
The English Civil War
200 – a government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch’s
400 - the principle that no person could be held in prison without first being charged
with a specific crime
600 – It prohibited the king from raising taxes without the consent of Parliament or
imprisoning anyone without just cause
800 – Name of the ruling family of Charles I
1000 – The two groups that fought in the English Civil War were
The Glorious Revolution
200 – He was invited along with his wife to take the throne of England
400 – Before they could be crowned they were forced to sign this
600 – They replaced this king who Parliament was fed up with
800 – The place that the new king and wife were from
1000 – These people fled England after the new king was restored
200 – It was both religious and political war and lasted a long time
400 – It was the first global war because it was fought on 3 continents
600 – The focus of most wars on the European continent was to maintain this
800 – The treaty that ended that long war
1000 - This war was fought over would disagreement over the leadership of Austria
200 – Capital of Prussia
400 – Capital of Austria
600 – Bohemia is now what country?
800 – St Petersburg lies near what sea?
1000 – Province taken by France in the 30 years war
200 – Name of the English Family of Henry, Mary and Elizabeth
400 – Architects of this country designed St Petersburg
600 – Catherine the Great was formally a princess from where?
800 – French Protestants
1000 – Edict that protected the French Protestants in France