Age of Absolutism Study Guide

Age of Absolutism Studyguide
1. What was the Age of Absolutism?
2. Describe the Divine Right Theory.
3. Describe the rule of Charles V and Philip II of Spain.
4. What was the Spanish Armada?
5. Describe the Spanish Decline. What were the reasons for its decline? Be
6. Describe the rule of Henry IV.
7. Who ruled for Louis XIII when he was too young? What was his main goal
and how did Louis XIII continue on with his goals?
8. Who were the Huguenots?
9. Describe the reign of Louis XIV.
10. How did Parliament grow in power? Be specific there are several reason!
11. Who was King Charles II? King James II? Describe their rules.
12. What was the Glorious Revolution?
13. What was the English Bill of Rights? What did it do?
14. What was the Peace of Westphalia?
15. How did the Hapsburg affect Austria? Be specific, there are 4 specific parts to
this answer.
16. Who was Frederick II?
17. How did Frederick II’s Prussia challenge Austria? How did Prussia surpass
Austria during Frederick’s rule?
18. What was the Scientific Revolution? When did it take place?
19. Describe the contributions of the following people during the period of the
Scientific Revolution: Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Boyle,
Harvey, and Descartes.
20. What was the Heliocentric Theory?
21. What was the Geocentric Theory?
22. Describe the absolute monarchies of Spain and France. How did they differ
from England’s government during this period?