American Government

Teacher: Mr. Cooper
Room: G-10
o Course Description:
Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior. Many of you will soon
be 18 years old and will become legal and voting citizens of the United States
of America; this class will help you become a better citizen of the world.
o Curriculum Units:
1. Foundations of Sociology
2. Foundations of Society
3. Social Inequality
4. Social Institutions
5. Social Change
o Materials:
1. 5-Section Binder:
Section 1: Lecture and power point notes
Section 2: In-class Handouts and Activities
Section 3: Reading Assignments and Summaries
Section 4: Current Events
Section 5: Review and Preview
2. Behavior:
Disruptive Behavior will not be tolerated. A first disruption will be met
with a warning, the second will result in a parent phone call, and a third
infraction will be met with administrative action (such as suspension).
3. Schoolwires/Getting Help:
All assignments will be posted on the student’s EdLine account,, using the username and password provided by the
registrar. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for help when it is
needed. We all grow in different ways and at different paces, please do
not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it. Please ask me for an
appointment to allow the necessary time.
4. Attendance/Tary Policy:
Your attendance is an essential part of your success. If an absence is
unavoidable, it is your responsibility to seek out and complete the work on
the same time frame as your peers. Students will only be eligible to make
up work for excused or school related absences, such as suspension.
Tardy students disrupt the flow of the classroom and impair students’
ability to succeed in the classroom. You are given 100 participation points
a semester.
 First Tardy -10 points
 Second Tardy -20 points
Third Tardy -30 points
Forth Tardy -40 points (100 Total)
*Students may make up tardy points by coming to class early and cleaning the room: Sweeping, cleaning boards, and scraping gum.
5. Late Assignments/ Cheating:
Late or missing work, not resulting from an excused absence, will be
awarded 50%credit for one week after the deadline. Late bell late
assignment. No individual extra credit will be offered. Students caught
cheating will receive a zero on their assignment and receive a parent
phone call.
o Papers and Projects:
All expectations and rubrics for papers and projects will be given at least two
weeks in advance of the due date.
o Film and Video clips: During this course we will be watching a number of
different film and video clips to better enrich and illustrate the subject matter.
o 30 Days Series FX / The Shawshank Redemption / Juno / The Band played on
*If any student would like to opt out of these films or clips, alternate assignments
will be offered. By signing below, you are giving consent to watch these films or
o Grading:
25% Quizzes and Tests
25% Five Section Binder
25% Participation
25% Class work and Homework
o Rules:
Respect the teacher, your classmates, and yourself
Effort in every class
Tolerance of others and their beliefs/opinions
Refocus when the teacher finds you or you find yourself off task (There is one
warning and if you continue off task you will be asked to leave the classroom)
On time every time
* School rules regarding food, dress, phones, and electronic devises will be observed.
o Teacher Contact Information:
Phone: (916) 2942450 x810343
Student Name:______________________________ Parent Name:_____________________________
Student Signature: __________________ Date:____ Parent Signature _________________ Date:____
*Please make a copy of this course outline and return the original with
signatures by 8/16/13
*The original course outline, with signatures, will be kept on file.