College and Career Readiness Course Description:

College and Career Readiness
Course Description:
This course is designed to prepare students for college and/or careers. Organizational skills, decision-making,
time management, citizenship, and ethical behavior are a few of the themes emphasized in this course. Among
the varied activities in this course, students will research and present a project on a college or university, write a
personal mission statement, research a potential career, learn to write resumes, fill out job applications, conduct
interviews, manage personal finances as well as perform 6 hours of community service outside of school hours.
Materials Needed Daily:
Grading Breakdown:
✓ 3-ring binder (This may be a shared binder
with other classes.)
✓ 3
“Classwork/Notes,” “Graded Work”
✓ loose-leaf lined paper (college ruled)
✓ at least two black or blue ink pens
✓ at least two sharpened pencils
10% Journals: Students are expected to maintain a
journal. Journal topics will be assigned
throughout the semester.
35% Daily Assignments: These include in-class work,
homework, and participation in classroom
discussions and team-building activities.
NOTE: Students must have all materials ready and
in class by Monday,
15% Test Preparation: Engagement resulting in
progress towards mastery of standardized
testing skills.
Absence and Tardy Policy
40% Culminating Assessments: Various reflective
assignments showcasing student mastery of
unit content.
1. Students who are not in the classroom when the
bell rings are tardy. A student who does not
immediately take his or her seat when the bell
rings is also considered tardy.
2. After your 4th tardy, you will need to speak with
Mr. Bonner/Mr. Pressley about the problem.
3. After your 10th tardy, you will receive a discipline
4. If you are absent from class more than 5 times
for a semester class, you will not pass.
5. Students are entirely responsible for making up
any and all work from when they were absent. It
is not the teacher’s responsibility to track you
down and make sure you make-up your work.
6. Missed tests can be made up either at lunch or
after school. Please make arrangements with
your teacher ahead of time.
Late Work & Extra Credit
1. Late work is accepted one day after it is due
for half credit.
2. Extra Credit will not be given on an
individual basis. All extra credit assignments
(if any) will be made available to all students
Units of Study
Goal Setting
Career Research
College Research
Financial Literacy
Relationships/Handling Conflict
Digital Literacy
Classroom Expectations
1. Bring all materials (class binder, loose-leaf
notebook, paper, pen, pencil) to class every
day. If you do not have a needed supply,
quietly ask another student if they will loan it to
you. If they refuse, raise your hand and ask the
teacher. Excessive borrowing of supplies will
result in lunch detention.
2. Remain in your seat unless you have
permission to be out of it.
3. No gum, food, or drinks – water is ok in a clear
water bottle ONLY.
4. Cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronic
devices will follow district policy.
5. Please raise your hand if you have a question
or would like to make a comment.
6. No sleeping or resting your head on the desks.
7. You are expected to remain in class for the
duration of the class period.
8. You are not dismissed by the bell, but by the
College and Career Readiness