Things to Know for Chapter 18

Things to Know for Chapter 18
o Acheron- River of woe (trouble distress). River
you have to cross to get into Hades
o Phlegethon- (fleg-a-thon) - river of fire. Stream
of lava with no bottom.
o Lethe- (lee-thee) - river of forgetfulness. If you
drink out of it you will forget everything. The
dead drink out of it so they can forget about
their ‘living life’.
o Cocytus- (Co-ki-tus) - River of crying. If the
dead are not properly buried they wander the
banks of this river; flows into Acheron.
o Styx- river of hate; if you broke a promise to
Zeus he would force you to drink out of this
river & you would lose your voice for a very long
time. Separates the land of living from the
realm of the dead.
The Important Things about the
o Tartarus- an abyss below Hades where Zeus
imprisoned the titans.
o Asphodel- Variety of a southern plant-grey
ugly ghostly looking plant.
o Erebus-prime evil god of darkness.