Energy Drink Project
The strategies that energy drink advertisers use to target young people are pretty much
standard. By knowing more about how they target you, it’s possible to learn to make
more informed choices.
 Magical promises and claims about increases energy
 Names that appeal to young people and their lifestyles, such as Full Throttle, Jolt
and Bionic Tonic
 Cool and colorful logos
 Superheroes, super stars and athletes
 Links to sports and movies
 Sex
You are going to use some or many of these marketing strategies and create your own
energy drink and its advertising. You need to name your drink, design your logo
(Monster can), and come up with a slogan (Red Bull: “Gives you wiiings”) for your
product. Also, list the ingredients that your energy drink contains.
(see below as an example of a product)
Example of a Product: