Energy Drink Project Energy Drink Project

Energy Drink Project
Your job as a marketing team is to create the new energy drink. Your team will then create a presentation. This
is an industrial sales presentation. You will be presenting to companies that are interested to purchase your new
energy drink to put in their stores. They are looking for an energy drink that will increase their sales. Your
presentation must include the information at the bottom of this page.
Before you start on your prototype, you must first do some research.
1. Pick an existing energy drink and report on the following: (Be very detailed!! This is your competitor!!)
2. Create a SWOT Analysis for the energy drink
3. How does the company use the 4 P's of marketing?
4. How does the company use the 7 Marketing Core Functions?
Now start coming up with ideas for your new energy drink concept.
Here are the assignments for your Energy Drink Project presentation.
a. Name
b. Flavor
c. Ingredients
d. Slogan
e. Prototype or visual
f. 4 p’s Product price place promotion
g. 7 Marketing Core Functions: MIM, Promotion, Pricing, Market Planning, Channel Mgt, Selling, P/S Mgt
5 Promotion plans (10 points for each. All or Nothing for each)
a. Brainstorm Ideas, Create Goals, Organize & Delegate, Write the Details of the promotion.
b. Stop!! Present your info to Mr. Jackson
c. Create a Schedule of Events (Dates of the promotions)
d. Research Prices (Costs of the promotions)
e. List Supplies needed. (Not product to sell)
f. Create a Budget (Projected costs for each promotion)
g. Evaluation plan
Pricing your product
a. Cost
b. Wholesale
c. Retail
a. Product info
b. Organization
c. Effectiveness (4p’s)
d. Professionalism (It can be comical, but do not make it ineffective)
Professionalism/ Organization of the presentation
a. Hook
b. Dress
c. Interesting
d. Well Rehearsed
e. Confidence,
i. Eye contact
ii. Volume
iii. Clear Speech
f. Presentation flow/ Organization (6 words per slide)