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The NW Food & Drink Industry
Introduction to Food NW
Pat Foreman - Chief Executive
Food NW
• NWDA’s representative body for Food & Drink
cluster activity
• Set up to lead the NW F&D strategy and to coordinate delivery
• Not for profit company limited by guarantee
• Strong private sector board representing the various
F&D sub sectors and sub regions
The Northwest Region
Food NW Vision
“To promote a dynamic, profitable and sustainable NW
Food and Drink Industry that improves it’s
competitiveness in a global market place and establishes
it’s place on the national and international stage”
Food & Drink in NW
– the entire farm to fork value chain
• The largest food manufacturing region in the UK
• The third largest food economy in the UK
• Over 40,000 enterprises employing ½ million staff, and
contributing 14p of every £1 turned over in the region
• Presence of 17 out of the top 24 global food companies
• Significant world leading research applicable across the food
Food & Drink in NW
• £196.5 million invested in 2009/10
creating or safeguarding 2866 jobs
• Strong export performance, with 10% growth in
2009/10, worth over £1 billion in NW
• High growth sub-sectors including local and regional
foods, functional and cosmacutricals nutracuticals,
ethical supply chains
Food NW
Market Development
Productivity and Skills
Healthy Eating
Environmental Sustainability
Sustainable Farming and Food
Food NW
• Supply Chain Project
• Resource Efficiency Project
• European Funded Project
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