Review Exam 1


Sociology 1301 Exam 1 Review

Sociology sociological perspective micro-level orientation macro-level orientation Grand Theory social function How did Auguste Comte understand sociology? What was Emil Durkheim concerned with? Why are birth rates of women different around the world? Structural-Functional Paradigm Social Conflict Paradigm Symbolic Interaction Paradigm Know about symbols & their meanings What is the science of sociology? Know what empirical evidence is. Understand reliability & validity. scientific objectivity low income countries middle income countries high income countries high culture ideal culture vs reality

Max Weber Karl Marx Auguste Comte Emil Durkheim Anomie Erving Goffman What was the Hawthorn Effect? inductive logic deductive logic variable critical approach in social research know about research studies What is contained in our conception of values? concepts symbol norms mores folkways prospective & perspective integration cultural integration social control sub-culture social conflict analysis cultural universals

beliefs traditions rationality technology societal facts Know the different societies Hunter & Gather Horticulture Pastoral Agrarian Industrial Organic solidarity proletarians