Case Study 5

INFO 410
Case Study 5 Handout
5. Case Study 2-5 Bharti Airtel Ltd (p. 368)
Bharti Airtel is an Indian telecommunications company facing enormous growth – 100% per
year! As a result, they are spending a lot of time renegotiating contracts with IT and telecom
providers. To date (mid 2004) Bharti Airtel has been paying for IT and telecom equipment
expenses separately from the providers’ contracts; they are considering making the providers
responsible for that, i.e. outsourcing equipment costs.
You are already given three alternatives: 1) don’t change anything, 2) go to IBM as the
vendor, 3) go to Ericsson, Nokia, and Siemens as the vendor. Analyze these three
possibilities in your case study, and add one more alternative of your choosing.
Follow the usual case study format.
For your decision criteria, consider the impact of the type of business, their competitive
environment, impact on existing Bharti Airtel employees, and anything else you deem