June 2014 CQFLPN e-Newsletter - print version

e-Newsletter June 2014
Hi All,
I am pleased to be able to let you know that the Family Law Pathway Network has
been funded for additional 12 months.
Also, apologies for recent ongoing problems with my email systems. I am doing my
best both to get things working normally and to work around current problems. Thank
you for your patience.
For more of the latest information on the Family Law sector, please see below.
CQFLPN Events:
Breaking News: CQFLPN is excited to announce that we are bringing
internationally renown speaker Megan Hunter from the High Conflict Institution
Arizona, to Rockhampton on Wednesday August 20th for a full day workshop on
working effectively with high conflict clients. Please and see the Bio. below.
Bio: Megan Hunter, MBA
Megan Hunter, MBA, is an international speaker and author on the topic of high-conflict relationships.
She is co-founder of the High Conflict Institute along with author and speaker, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.
who developed the high-conflict personality theory. Megan developed the concept of the Institute after
13 years in family law as the Family Law Specialist with the Arizona Supreme Court, and Child Support
Manager of the Dawes County Attorney’s Office in Nebraska.
Megan has trained legal, mental health, business, leadership groups, universities and other
professionals across the United States, Canada and Australia in the area of high-conflict legal and
business disputes. Her family law experience includes policy formation, research and program
development regarding court procedures, child support protocols and parent education programs, as
well as developing expertise regarding international child custody disputes. As staff to the Arizona
Legislature’s Domestic Relations and Child Support Committee she gained a broad understanding of
the issues facing both families and professionals in family law.
She holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s of Business and Economics from
Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska. She served as President of the Arizona Chapter of the
Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, the Arizona Family Support Council and Nebraska Child
Support Enforcement Association. More recently, she served 5 years on the Arizona Board of
Psychologist Examiners and is on the Advisory Board of the Personality Disorder Awareness Network.
Also see High Conflict Institute
This is a rare opportunity to hear a high quality, international speaker presenting in our
flyer will be available shortly. To encourage maximum participation (size of venue
permitting) this will be a low cost event.
Also coming up toward the end of July (date to be finalised): Solicitor Mitch
Jamieson from Everyday Lawyers will be running a workshop to inform DV
workers, support workers, etc on how to best assist their clients to complete
legal paperwork associated with matters such as domestic violence and family
law. FREE. Flyer to be out ASAP. Expressions of interest taken now.
The Counsellor Confidentiality in Family Law webinar
Please be advised that this webinar is now available for On Demand access via the
Audience URL previously used for access to the live session. The archive will be
available for a period of up to 90 days from the date of this email. The link below is only
functional for those who registered prior to the event.
Tax Help
The Australian Tax Office’s (ATO’s) free, confidential service, Tax Help, is available
between 1 July and 31 October each year for people with simple tax affairs earning up
to $50,000 a year. This includes seniors, students, people from non-English speaking
backgrounds, people with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
For more information and to find out about eligibility, contact the ATO on 13 28 61 or go
online to www.ato.gov.au/taxhelp. Tax Help is available in languages other than
The cost of essential items continues to rise: QCOSS
The latest CPI figures released for March 2014 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics
continue to show that the cost of essential goods and services are rising faster than
more discretionary goods and services. In Brisbane, over the past five years from March
2009 to March 2014, the cost of more discretionary items has mostly fallen. For
audio visual and computer equipment declined by 57 per cent
major household appliances declined by 8 per cent
motor vehicles declined by 7 per cent.
Meanwhile, the cost of essential goods and services has risen rapidly over the same
time period. For example:
electricity increased by 86 per cent
public transport fares increased by 56 per cent
health increased by 24 per cent
rent increased by 15 per cent.
While many essential items increased faster than the rate of overall CPI (which was 14
per cent of the past five years) the cost of food increased by only six per cent over the
past five years in Brisbane at a rate less than half that of overall CPI.
This ongoing increase in essential items creates real difficulties for low-income
households who spend a higher proportion of their income on essential goods and
ANROWS Networking Database
Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety has established a
Networking Database to enable researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, community
members, and others interested in reducing the impact and incidence of violence
against women to connect directly with each other. The database helps people locate
other people and organisations working on similar or complementary projects or who
have a particular interest or expertise. ANROWS envisages this to be of particular value
for organisations seeking partners to submit applications for research project grants
under the ANROWS Research Program. To join ANROWS Networking Database sign
up here.
Reminder: Commission for Children and Young People and Child
Guardian to cease operation on July 1st
Many of the Commission’s functions will move to other agencies from 1 July 2014 as
part of the implementation of the recommendations from the Queensland Child
Protection Commission of Inquiry (Carmody Review). To read about the key changes
click here.
The current Commissioner for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, Mr
Steve Armitage, will lead the Queensland Family and Child Commission as the Principal
Commissioner from 1 July 2014. It should be noted that changes to the Commission are
only one part of the child protection reforms being implemented by the Queensland
Government. The full suite of reforms can be accessed in the Queensland Government
response to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry.
Further information about the changes outlined in the three Bills can be found here. The
three Bills passed by Parliament are available at:
Tips to accessing Crisis Payment for clients
A one off payment to help people who have experienced difficult or extreme
circumstances. Eligible people include:
 a victim of domestic violence or other extreme circumstance
 affected by a natural disaster that is not covered by the Australian Government
Disaster Recovery Payment
 released from prison or psychiatric confinement
 arrived in Australia for the first time on a refugee or humanitarian visa
The link below provides all the information you need to develop your own organisational
Crisis Support fact sheet.
Create your own brochure. View and print the entire guide or just the sections you need.
Fact sheets available from other organisations included:
 Living without Violence: Centrelink Payments and Domestic Violence : National
Association of Community Legal Centres and Community Legal Centres NSW.
 Crisis Payment :National Welfare Rights Network
Other support available includes:
 Social workers can help during difficult times by providing confidential
counselling, support and information.
 Call Centrelink between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday on 132 850 to speak
directly to a social worker. People can also make an appointment to see a social
worker at the local Service Centre.
 Community Engagement Officers assist people of all ages to get financial help
and other services, if they are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.
 The Financial Information Service - is a free, confidential service that provides
education and information on financial issues to all Australians.
Service Information
New Service: “Mediate It”
‘Mediate it’ is a boutique mediation practice focusing on delivering quality and affordable
mediation and alternative dispute resolution services specialising in Family Law
(including separation, child and property matters, same-sex and defacto couples). They
believe that most disputes can be resolved, as the best decision makers are the parties
themselves. We provide guidance to work through issues and to assist parties to hear
and understand each other. The result is an outcome which is owned by the parties, this
often helps their relationship to move forward in a positive way.
If you have a conflict that you want resolved sooner rather than later, Mediate it can
help you. Being able to provide mediation services which are easily accessible is one of
our major objectives. They deliver mediations in a variety of formats including single
mediator and co-facilitated mediations as well as Skype and telephone conferences.
Joanna Lezanski is the Principal Mediator and Owner and has worked predominately in
family law for the past 10 years. Joanna is a Nationally Accredited Mediator with the
Australian Mediation Association and is presently completing her training as a Family
Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Having gained invaluable experience in property and
parenting matters, Joanna is now dedicated to using her knowledge and skills to assist
parties to resolve matters using mediation, without needing to engage in protracted and
often expensive litigation.
Gambling Community Information Session
Thursday July 3rd 1.30—2.45 pm At Excelcare Day to Day Living Centre 10 Albert St.
Rockhampton. (nth of Denison St. railway crossing)
Is gambling a problem for you? Or for a friend or family member? Would you like to
know more about problem gambling and how others have overcome it?
Wendy from Gladstone Gamblers Anonymous (GA) will recount from personal
experience the journey through problem gambling to recovery and a happier, peaceful
life. A GA group will be considered for Rockhampton, given local interest and support.
Wendy and other recovered gamblers will hold a closed, confidential information
session from 3pm specifically for people struggling with gambling problems.
Further three year funding for the Community Legal Centre in Banana Shire.
Legal Aid Queensland and the Department of the Attorney General have provided a
three (3) year grant to fund the legal section of the Banana Shire Support Centre to
operate a Community Legal Centre. Free legal advice and information will be given to
residents and community organisations of Banana Shire by the Centre’s solicitor Bill
Sanderson. Areas covered include:
Domestic and Family Violence
Elders abuse and seniors assistance
Children’s issues: residence, contact, parenting plans
Contractual Obligations
Financial exploitation
Wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys
Matrimonial property settlements
Criminal Law
Bill Sanderson is available in Biloela daily and visits Taroom, Theodore, Banana,
Moura, Baralaba, Wowan, Dululu, Goovigen, Jambin, Thangool Lawgi and other rural
areas within the Shire every two weeks or when required. The service is available to
anybody no matter what their income. No Means Test. Telephone 4992 3322 for an
Domestic and Family Violence Information and Referral Facilitator
A pilot program is starting at the Women’s Health Centre from Wednesday the 2nd July.
Louise Hayes has undertaken the position of the Domestic and Family Violence
Information and Referral Facilitator, which will operate within the Rockhampton Region
incorporating Mt Morgan, Emu Park, Gracemere and Yeppoon. The role will be part
time - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 – 3 pm, for a period of 6 months. The
purpose of the position will be to provide a singular point of contact for a co-ordinated,
appropriate and consistent response to families affected by domestic and family
violence, and to promote a culture within our community that domestic and family
violence is unacceptable.
This service will be available to people needing information and referral to agencies
within the Capricornian region on domestic and family violence related matters, and to
service providers who have direct contact with people and their families who are
affected by domestic and family violence. This position will assist clients and
organisations with up to date information for various issues such as financial assistance,
housing, counselling and support.
If your organisation would like a further explanation on this pilot program, or to work
collaboratively - please do not hesitate to contact RWHC Manager Belinda Lindel on
4922 6585 to arrange a suitable time for Louise and Belinda to come and speak with
Expressions of Interest required. QUIT/SMOKECHECK Course Duration: 6 Weeks
It may seem just too hard to stop smoking - the cravings and nicotine withdrawals, fear
of gaining weight, automatically reaching for a cigarette when you’re on the phone or
driving, feeling depressed, stressed or stressed (or all of them).
Did you know research has shown that each past attempt to quit is a step closer to
freedom from cigarettes.
The Women’s Health Centre CAN HELP YOU in a safe and confidential environment to
take a step closer to freedom. Take time for you by acknowledging your emotions and
belief’s and how that contributes to your fears and addictions. Share your story with
others regardless of what stage you are at right now. What stage are you at?
Please check with your doctor prior to workshop if you are on any medication or
have other health concerns
Want some help, encouragement and support to QUIT SMOKING
Come share your story with others
You can achieve so much more with a plan
Gold coin donation and an opportunity for change
You can benefit no matter what stage you are at
Accredited Quit/Smokecheck Educator - Janis Littleboy . Please ring the Women’s
Health Centre on 4922 6585 to register your interest
Family Court chief justice defends efforts to stop domestic violence: Juanita
Phillips: ABC: May 27th
Family violence has been described as a national emergency and the Victorian Labor
Party has promised to hold a royal commission into it if elected. One of the institutions
frequently in the firing line after these tragedies is the national Family Court, which deals
with high-conflict custody cases. The Court's Chief Justice Diana Bryant has given a
rare interview to the ABC to answer the critics and defend the court system after a
number of cases where children have been killed by violent parents. To read the
transcript or hear the interview please click ABC
Newman Government budgets $400m for Carmody Inquiry child protection
reforms: Steven Wardill: The Sunday Mail (Qld): June 1st. EXTRACTS
More than $400 million will be plunged into child protection reforms under one of the
biggest new funding initiatives in the Newman Government’s final first-term Budget.
The $409 million will mainly be spent implementing all 121 recommendations of the
landmark Carmody inquiry into the child protection system. The Carmody inquiry
recommended toddlers in severely dysfunctional families be considered for adoption, as
well as the re-establishment of institutions for troubled teens.
Another 70 child safety officers, at a cost of $6.5 million, will help address caseloads
and implement new processes.
Queensland has the second highest number of children in out of home care (OOHC) in
Australia, with 8136 in 2012-13. The number of children in OOHC across the state has
risen 170 per cent since 2001. A significant proportion of the child services spending will
occur in the final three years from 2016-17 with the Newman Government stumping up
just under $27 million next year.
Where the money will go:
•$2.9 million to implement new community based intake and referral services in the first
six locations across the state
•$6.5 million to increase secondary family support services targeting vulnerable families
with multiple and complex needs
•$3 million to develop and implement a new Child Protection Practice Framework for
frontline child protection staff to better support families to care for their children at home
and avoid out-of-home care
•$2.5 million to improve the support for young people transitioning from out-of-home
care to independence, including targeted post-care support up to the age of 21 years
•$1.5 million to work with key partners to reform Indigenous family support services and
$1.4 million for culturally appropriate child protection practice.
To read the complete article please click on The Daily Telegraph
Hopes and fears on couples program: Alex Druce: The Examiner: June 1st
FAMILY health advocates are eager to see the rollout of the federal government's $20
million relationship counselling voucher program, with hopes that the 12-month trial will
be as successful as a similar initiative tested in Tasmania 15 years ago. However,
Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is yet to say which service providers will be
eligible to accept the $200 vouchers, with some fearing that experienced private
practitioners will be excluded from the program.
From July 1, the Stronger Relationships trial will give up to 100,000 couples $200 to
access relationship counselling, as part of a move to lessen the social and economic
costs of family breakdown. Relationships Tasmania chief executive Matt Rowell praised
the government's commitment to give all types of couples the skills to endure difficult
Launceston-based counselling social worker David Hunnerup, also a marriage
celebrant, agreed that the move was a "political winner", but said he was concerned that
the program would be limited to particular agencies. To read the complete article please
click on The Examiner
Court Decisions of Interest
Full Court (Appeals Judgments
Sullivan & Tyler [2014] FamCAFC 109 – 24/06/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – application in an appeal for expedition – application that
court supply a copy of transcript from the substantive proceedings – where the
Independent Children’s Lawyer requests to be excused from participating in the appeal
– where the appellant is strongly opposed to the release of the Independent Children’s
Child Support Registrar & Ahern and Anor [2014] FamCAFC 105 – 23/06/2014 View PDF
FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – CHILD SUPPORT – Where the Child Support Registrar
sought leave to appeal the orders of the Federal Circuit Court setting aside the decision
of the SSAT – where the essential issue was whether, where there is an application to
the SSAT to review a decision of the Registrar concerning the amount of child support
payable for a particular period, the SSAT has the jurisdiction or power to determine the
amount of child support payable for periods other than the period to which the
Registrar’s decision related – where the Full Court found that the SSAT has under s
103T(1) of the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988 (Cth) (Collection
Act) all the powers of the Registrar under Part 6A of the Child Support (Assessment
Act) 1989 (Cth), including the powers under s 98S to make a departure determination in
terms not sought in the departure application, and the power under s 103S(1) of the
Collection Act to set aside the decision subject to review and substitute a new decision
(subject to procedural fairness) – where the Full Court distinguished this case from CSR
v MMB (2007) 39 Fam LR 265 – where the full Court agreed with the views expressed
in Kindree v CSR (2010) FLC 98-052 – leave to appeal granted – appeal allowed –
orders set aside - no order for costs.
FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – COSTS ORDER – where the Child Support Registrar seeks
leave to appeal the costs order – leave to appeal granted – appeal allowed – order set
aside – no order for costs.
New First Instance Judgments
Jarrah & Neason and Anor [2014] FamCA 239 – 10/04/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Best Interests – Magellan list – Allegations of sexual
abuse and family violence – Where there are five children of the relationship – Where
the father has a considerable criminal record – Where over fifty risk reports have been
made to the Department of Family and Community Services – Where the father has a
demonstrated predilection towards having sexual relationships with younger persons –
Where the children have been exposed to abuse and family violence by either parent or
a person who lives with a parent – Where the court found on the balance of probabilities
that the father sexually assaulted two witnesses in the proceedings – Where the father’s
potential to meet the children’s needs is negligible – Where the court found there is an
unacceptable risk to the children if they were to be placed in the father’s unsupervised
care – Where the mother is unable to parent and protect the children adequately without
the assistance provided by the Department – Where the court found the mother lacks
the insight to protect the children – Where the court is satisfied that the presumption of
equal shared parental responsibility is rebutted – Where the court found that the best
interests of the children require that sole parental responsibility be ordered in favour of
the Minister for Family and Community Services.
Hunter & Morrison (contravention) [2014] FamCA 198 – 28/03/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – CONTRAVENTION – Different standard of proof to be satisfied
depending on the type of breach – Where standard of proof for less serious
contraventions is on the balance of probabilities – Where standard of proof for more
serious contraventions is beyond reasonable doubt – Where penalties available for
contravention – Where imposing a sanction of bond requires relevant matters be
satisfied on the balance of probabilities – Where imposing community service only
available in the event of more serious contravention and requires relevant matters be
satisfied beyond reasonable doubt.
FAMILY LAW – CONTRAVENTION – Contravention application made by the mother
against the father alleging 4 counts of contravention with respect to consent parenting
orders – Where orders require father to achieve delivery and collection of children
without imposing an obligation for him to be physically present – Where father withheld
children from contact with the mother on 3 occasions – Where father admits
contraventions of the Orders – Where father argued reasonable excuse on the basis of
necessity to protect the children’s safety – Where question is whether reasonable
grounds for that belief – Where mother allegedly a physical and emotional risk to the
children by virtue of her alleged suicidal ideation – Where found reasonable foundation
for beliefs – Where no contraventions made out – Where contravention application
Free online program shown to help children with anxiety
A free, evidence-based program that has been shown to help prevent and treat anxiety
in young people aged between eight and 17 is now available online. The BRAVE
program, which has been trialed and evaluated over the last 13 years, is an online selfhelp course that allows young people and their parents to seek support for anxiety in the
comfort of their own homes. The program, which uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
(CBT) techniques, includes up to 10 sessions for children or young people. Parents can
also take part in a separate program to learn ways to help their children manage anxiety
and participants can come back at any time for refreshers. Email brave4you@uq.edu.au
QCOSS: Planned Support Guide for Case Management
The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) has produced a Planned Support
Guide: an approach to case management for people working in a wide range of
community services. If you are a front line worker, supervisor or manger this guide is for
you. The guide assists in the development of a shared understanding of good case
management practice across the community services sector. Increasing the use of
proven case management practice ensures better outcomes for clients.
Planned support is an approach to case management that emphasises four key
concepts: support, planning, collaboration and relationships. The steps outlined in the
guide include engagement and intake; assessment; planning; implementation;
monitoring and review; exit planning; closure and evaluation. QCOSS' Planned Support
Lasting couple relationships: Recent research findings
This CFCA paper reviews recent research findings into couples in long-term
relationships (married and de facto) that provide insight into the couple relationship over
time. This paper addresses aspects of couple relationships such as commitment,
personality traits, transitioning to parenthood, health, and relationship satisfaction. The
aim of this paper is to inform practitioners and other professionals working with couples
in an educative or therapeutic context.
Prevention-based approaches to social policy: the case of early childhood
development Alan Tapper, John Phillimore | Evidence Base, Australia and New
Zealand School of Government: 20 September 2012
This issue presents an overview of the early intervention policy landscape in Australia,
and then looks to the literature in order to answer two questions: firstly, what factors
affect the formation of children’s psychological well-being, behaviour and socialisation?
Secondly, how effective have Australian early childhood intervention programs been?
Australian Communities Foundation
Australian Communities Foundation supports a range of charitable organisations and
projects each year. The Foundation’s grants are made locally, nationally and
internationally through Australian registered charitable organisations. It’s one way our
foundation recognises the essential role the not-for-profit sector plays in supporting and
building strong and resilient communities as well as assisting those most in need.
Grants fall broadly into the areas of arts & culture, community development & advocacy,
community services & welfare, disability, education, training & employment,
environment, health & medical research, overseas aid & development.
Specific target groups are also supported, including Indigenous communities and
refugee/asylum seekers.
Australian Communities Foundation primarily makes grants to the community in the
following ways:
 through requests from our donors on the basis of their areas of interest. This
may also include consultation with Foundation staff about projects or areas of
high priority or through the utilisation of the Foundation’s Funding Opportunities.
 through specific research undertaken by the Foundation for donors/sub funds.
through Australian Communities Foundation’s identified strategic initiatives, such
as MacroMelbourne, Youth at Risk, and Indigenous Education and Capacity
The Foundation is also proud to administer a number of specific Scholarships and
Awards to promote educational achievement. The application process is undertaken by
a range of charitable organisations in line with the Australian Taxation Office criteria.
For more information please go to Australian Community Foundation
Queensland Week funding available
Applications are now open for funding for Queensland Week events for 2015. The
Queensland Government is offering grants of up to $8,000 for a limited number of
events for community groups and organisations to host events during the week to
celebrate our diverse culture and heritage. This year’s official events included family fun
days, musical festivals, jazz concerts and markets. QCOSS staff last week enjoyed a
brief moment of reprieve from a busy budget week with a Queensland-themed lunch,
and prizes for a trivia quiz and best dressed. Sadly my beach-themed outfit complete
with Hawaiian shorts didn’t win me a prize. The 2015 Queensland Week Sponsorship
Program guidelines can be found here or call (07) 3003 9200 for more information.
Meetings, Events and Training Date Claimers
CCDA Committee meeting 2nd Monday of the month, 10am at the Anglicare Corporate
Office Quay St, Open to interested observers. RSVP to Secretary Carmel Marshall at
carmelm@centacare.net. Strategic cross sector issues will be discussed.
Rockhampton Youth Interagency Network (RYIN), Meetings held regularly on the 3rd
Thursday of the month 9.00am – 10.30am. 192 Dean St (The old WIN building) For
further information or to put items on the Agenda please email or ring Kelly Yow Yeh on 4928
5243 or Kelly.yowyeh@pcyc.org.au.
Local Network Group (Care Coordination Model) Room 5 Community Health Bolsover
Street, Rockhampton Second Tuesday of the month 2.30pm to 4.30pm. For more
information please contact Susie Cameron, Service Integration Coordinator: 07 4932 5291:
Mobile: 0409 341 782: susan_cameron@health.qld.gov.au
Capricorn Coast Type 2 Diabetes Support Group Second Saturday of Month at 10am
until June 14th. Cap Coast Hospital & Health Services 8 Hoskin Drive Yeppoon. For
people who have Type 2 Diabetes and their carers. Lisa White 0417 537 408
.(Coordinator) Supported by Helen Sutcliffe 0408 190 387 (Credentialed Diabetes Educator)
Rockhampton Community Access & Equity Reference Group For further information please
contact Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707: E-mail: Bob.Muir@rrc.qld.gov.au
SALT (School to Adult Life Transition) Group, Community Solutions Board Room – 189
Musgrave Street. June 25th: July 23rd: August 27th: September 24th: October 22nd:
November 26th: 2pm at Community Solutions. Contact Julie Irwin: 4932-8000 /4932-8010
:M 0407 226 147: Julie.Irwin@communitysolutions.org.au
Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing Group. For further information contact Leslie
Purcell : 4930 4600 rc-sewb-2@bidgerdii.org
Rockhampton Interagency meetings for 2014 at UnitingCare Community 229 Musgrave
Street, North Rockhampton,
Tuesday 12th
Tuesday 11th
For further information please contact Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707: E-mail:
Rockhampton Domestic Violence Network. Last Wednesday of the month: For more
information including the next venue please contact 4926 5603
GLADSTONE: Youth Interagency meeting, first Wednesday of the month (except for
August Show Holiday) 9am, Community Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon St Contact
Vernetta on 4976 6311
GLADSTONE: Interagency Meeting, third Wednesday of the month, 11am, Community
Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon St. Contact Andrea on 4976 6358
YEPPOON. Livingstone Community Development Centre (CDC) User Group Meeting:
Meetings are held every 2 months at the CDC Garage10 Johns St. Everyone Welcome.
Share Ideas for the CDC. Meet the Livingstone Shire Council Manager Community Wellbeing.
Provide Feedback. Plan CDC Events. For more information including the next date please
phone: 4913 3840
YEPPOON: Capricorn Coast Interagency Network Meeting 14 May 2014 | 2pm to .30pm –
is Rooms A & B Community Development Centre 80 John Street Yeppoon. Future dates: 13
August | 12 November Contact: Sue Hamilton PH: 07 4913 3840. Sue.Hamilton@
EMERALD Interagency meeting, 2nd Tuesday of the month 9am. -11am. . For more
information please contact Bec Hall on BHall@chrc.qld.gov.au or 4980 6345
Mental Health Workers Group regular get-togethers on: First Monday of the month from
5.00 – 6.00 pm Excelcare D2DL Centre, 10 Albert Street, Rockhampton. Anyone who works
in any mental health related field who has, or has had, mental health challenges themselves
are welcome to attend. Confidentiality, mutual support, laughter, community, and a cup of tea
are all assured. For more information please contact Cindi - 4991 1997
The Next Step: Kalka Hotel every Monday at 5.30pm. Group open to people who have lost
some-one through suicide and are interested in being part of a supportive network and raising
awareness of the issue of suicide. For more information please contact Amanda on 0428 841
756 or email amanda@kangabins.com.au
The Rockhampton Mental Health Community of Practice. Third Wednesday of the month.
10am – 12pm. Relationships Australia Cnr Bersker and High Sts. Open to professionals,
people with the lived experience of mental health challenges, carers, and all those interested in
improving mental support and awareness. For more information please contact Aaron Kenney
on 4926 9726 or akenney@raq.org.au
Events and training
Koala Joeys : Wednesday mornings 9.30 am : Allenstown State School, H Block (next to
the pool) . Koala Joeys is an interactive oral language program for children under school age to
participate with their parents or caregivers. The program is designed to help children be better
prepared for school by exposing them to skills and knowledge they will need when they start
school through the use of song, rhyme, movement, oral storytelling and multisensory activities.
Approximately 1 hour each week (except during school holidays). People are welcome to stay
afterwards for a cuppa and a chat. Free including tea, coffee and biscuits. Contact Melanie
McAllum (Guidance Officer, Allenstown State School). 0467815549
Playgroup: Friday mornings 9.00 am : Allenstown State School, H Block (next to the pool)
Free including tea, coffee and biscuits. Contact Melanie McAllum (Guidance Officer,
Allenstown State School).
NAIDOC Entrant Fund Raising Event: Girl’s Time Out, Young Womens’ Support Service
Inc. 137 Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton; Date: Wednesday, 2nd July 11.30am –
2.00pm. GTO’s NAIDOC Entrant is Yvette Williams. Bookings essential. Yvette is cooking up a
storm so go down and grab a serve. Beef Chop Suey and Rice $10;00 per serve. (Plus
selection of cakes and tarts for $3.00 a slice) . Phone: (07) 4922 7236 Email:
Information session: Problem gambling - recovery group opportunity. Seeking local
interest in a local Gamblers Anonymous group: July 3rd -1.30pm, Excelcare Day to Day
Living Centre, 10 Albert St Rockhampton, the meeting is open to all interested community
embers, workers and family members. The session will be conducted by recovered gamblers
from Gladstone and Brisbane groups. A closed confidential session will be offered from 3pm
specifically for people struggling with gambling problems. For further information please contact
Dory Hickey – Partners in Recovery Facilitator: 0427 934 322 or dh@excelcare.com.au
NAIDOC Golf Day…. 4 person Ambrose, Friday 4th July: Capricorn Country Club,
Richardson Road. Nth Rockhampton. 6.30 am registration. Hit off 7.30am. Cost $30
including lunch and green fees. Nominate your team to Allan Bird 0447 109 431 or
Wrapt in Rocky Open Day and Bazaar 9am – 1pm Saturday 5 July at Rockhampton Girls
Grammar School, Agnes St Rocky. Over 20 textile artists stalls and hand made wares.
Glorious silks, wools, yarns, threads, alpaca fleece, quilters supplies, Indian fabrics and more.
Exhibition of class work from 10 fabulous fibre arts classes too. Wrapt Open Day is only once
every 2 years so come along and enjoy. Feel free to bring family and friends. Spread the word
on facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/WraptinRocky2014 for some great stories
about fibre artists from across Australia. Support a unique CQ event.
GTO events celebrating NAIDOC week.
 Masterchef – ‘DEADLY KAIKAI’- Tuesday 8th July 2014
 Elders Brunch – Wednesday 9th July 2014
For more information - please contact the office on 4922 7236.
2014 NAIDOC Corporate Breakfast Callaghan Park Raceway Reaney St, Rockhampton
Wednesday 9th July 2014 7:00am - 9:00am: $25 per ticket (tickets are limited and
available until 4:30pm FRIDAY 27TH JUNE 2014) . To buy tickets or for more information
contact: Yvonne Johnson Central Queensland Medicare Local Rockhampton Office 44a
William St, Rockhampton Ph: 4921 7780 or 4921 7777 Email:
Elders Memory Sharing Day: Thursday 10 July: Southside RCC Library: 10am till
12pm. Time to drag out those old photos and memorabilia you have stashed away and
proudly share your stories that celebrate Opal thorough to NAIDOC from its humble
beginnings over a cuppa .. Delicious morning tea provided. Disability/wheelchair
accessible, transport can be arranged. RSVP FBEC on 4922 3544 or
NAIDOC March Friday 11th July 9.00 am – assemble at Rockhampton Regional Council,
Bolsover St and walk to the Community Expo.
NAIDOC COMMUNITY Expo July 11th 10.30am – 3.00pm Rockhampton Cricket Grounds.
Dance – food – childrens’ activities – arts – crafts. For more information please contact Christine
Hatfield on 0498 173 881
NAIDOC Ball: Serving Country – Centenary and Beyond: When: Saturday 12th July:
Frenchville Sports Club, Clifton Street, North Rockhampton. 6pm Arrival. 3 Course Meal
and Entertainment. Disability and Wheelchair access available. Tickets to be purchased at
Fitzroy Basin Elders Reception - $45 per ticket (cash only). Group Bookings of ten available. All
enquiries to Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee Inc. Telephone: (07) 49223544
Email: admin@fbec.org.au
YEPPOON: FREE Skills To Enable People and communitieS (STEPS) Tuesday July 13 th
and then every Monday for six weeks. 10am -12pm. Meeting Room, Capricorn Coast
Hospital and Health Service, Hoskin Drive Yeppoon. The program is for adults aged between
18 -65 with Acquired Brain Injury; Stroke; Traumatic Brain Injury and their families and carers.
Morning tea will provided. Family members welcome. Group Leaders: Marilyn Rooks, Jenne
George and Jo Emmery. For enquires or to RSVP please contact Ben Turner on 1300 727 403
by 7/7/14.
BUNDABERG: Emotional Freedom Techniques: Monday 14th July: 9am to 4pm: Comfort Inn
Sugar Country 220 Bourbong Street Bundaberg (Parking Burrum Street). Cost $160pp. At the
end of this workshop participants will have: An understanding of Emotional Freedom Techniques
(EFT), and how they are applied to resolve anxiety disorders, trauma, PTSD, phobias, depression
and abuse; An awareness of and basic experience in applying these techniques. For registrations,
which close on July 7th, please contact Foundations Counselling Centre Phone: (07) 3263 9132
Adoption Connection Meeting:15th July, 2014 Time: 5.30—7.30pm Relationships
Auystralia, 119 High Street, Frenchville, North Rockhampton. To book please contact
PASQ on 1300 914 819 or 3170 4600 or via email on pasq@benevolent.org.au Note: There is
no charge for this event.
CQ Healing Centre Helem Yumba 10 Week Women’s Program starting 17th July. Helem
Yumba is delivering a 10 week culturally appropriate program, 2 hours per week, for women who
are experiencing and or at risk of domestic and family violence. Clients must be women with an
ATSI family connection. Email admin@cqhealing.com.au to request an application. A client can
attend the Helem Yumba office and complete a referral application with a staff member.
Finding Magic Moments – making a difference with young people 17/07/14. If you work with
young people in any capacity, this workshop will have you thinking about the ways in which you
can use everyday encounters to help build resilience. To register go to
www.efac.com.au/register.php or email enquiries@efac.com.au
BILOELA: Supporting Children and Adults with Multisensory Needs: Community
Resource Centre (CRC) Saturday 19th July.
Many adults and children in our community struggle to manage sensory needs. Do you know
someone who:
 Must cut off clothing tags?
 Cannot bear the smell of the washing detergent aisle in woollies?
 Needs to be in a quiet space to be able to focus on a task?
 Only eats mushy or crunchy foods?
Presenter Dr Paul Pagliano (Associate Professor of Education at James Cook University,
Townsville) is a specialist in this field. For more information and to register, please click on the
following link: http://www.banana.qld.gov.au/crc-news-events
BILOELA: Live Life Today- Three x 1 Day Workshops: The Community Resource Centre,
102 Rainbow Street, Biloela: Tuesday 22 & 29 July & 5 August: 9.30am-2:30pm. Cost of
program: $20.00/ Workshop. Come and join like-minded women in small group workshops.
Explore the positive ways of improving your life in a fun one day Workshop. The aim of this
workshop is to increase your self awareness. What is covered? Relaxation sessions, expressive
drawings, emotions and the brain, relationships, fear and anxiety, values and beliefs,
coincidence, incorporating small changes, vulnerability, change your thinking. Bookings:
registrations@centacare.net or Phone 1300 523 985
“Finding My Place” Rockhampton on Tuesday July 22 .The themes covered over the day
will include: Living in a home of one’s own; Self direction, Circles of support and ways of
building natural supports; Contributing to community; Employing your own workers; Working it
out one person at a time. Margaret Rodgers and Suellen Welch from CRU will facilitate the
day. Online registration system accessed via the link below or via the CRU website for this
event - if you have any problems with this system don't hesitate to call on (07) 3844 2211 and
Living with Teens: Wednesdays 23 July: 4.30pm-6.30pm: Fitzroy Room Rockhampton
Regional Library. Rockhampton Regional Council in partnership with NEWSTART
Psychology & Counselling is offering this workshop for parents who sometimes struggle
to understand and live with teenagers. This program is an informative, practical session
addressing the issues of Adolescent Brain Development, Communicating with your teen,
Boundary setting and consequences, and Parenting style. This program is part of
Rockhampton Regional Council’s Community Capacity Building Program. Bookings are not
essential but will assist in the planning for the sessions. Please RSVP to Communities
and Facilities on 4936 8569, or email CommunityDevelopment@rrc.qld.gov.au
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): 24th &* 25th July: Community
Building, Room 1, Cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. 8.30am -5pm. Cost $150. For more
information, or registration forms, please contact Nicole.Cooper@health.qld.gov.au
Lifeline Stress Down Day Trivia Challenge: Rockhampton League’s Club Friday 25th July.
Doors open 6.15pm; 1st Question 7pm. $15pp – 6 to 8 people per table: cost covers finger
food/ orange juice and tea or coffee. Drinks available for purchase. Teams that have members
dressed in pajamas and slippers will receive bonus points. Book a table now on 4930 67300.
Rockhampton North Special School P&C - 2nd annual fair is now a Christmas in July Fair
on Saturday 26th July; 10:00 am – 4:00 pm 353 Dean Street. Twice as big as last year with
30 stalls and all profits go towards improving the educational opportunities of kids with
disabilities enrolled at the school.
Get Ready CQ — Emergency Services Day Rockhampton Heritage Village: Sunday 27th
July 2014 9am—2pm . To arrange an exhibit or for further information please contact Julianne
Webster-Scott on 4938 5002 or email julianne.webster-scott@qfes.qld.gov.au
The Next Step, Prevention of Youth Suicide, Charity Concert @ Paradise Lagoons: 2nd August,
6pm – 12am. Artists include: Shaken Knot Stirred; Velocity; RGGS Back –Up Singers; Hollie
Dunn. Finger food, burgers and licensed bar. An initiative by a group of concerned families in
CQ. 100% of the night’s profits will go towards education and awareness in CQ schools & rural
areas. Tickets can be purchased at www.oztrix.com (Children 5 -17 $34.70: Adult $ 61.20:
Family 1 adult, 2 children $ 96: VIP $107) Sand see www.facebook.com/thenextstep
YEPPOON: CTN Managing Customer Interactions, 4 August: 1pm - 4.30pm. 72 Queen
Street Yeppoon. Facilitator Glenda Channells. Cost: Early Bird $60 (register by 28/07/14)
Full Price $70. Afternoon Tea provided. This workshop is designed for receptionists,
administration workers or anybody dealing with customers or clients in the workplace. The aim
of this workshop is to learn and practise effective communication strategies and to also manage
your response to challenging or aggressive behaviour. This will help individuals to identify and
implement principles of verbal de-escalation and to recognise the importance of personal safety
and to be aware of their own response in stressful situations. For more information please
phone 0408 276383 or ctn@homesupport.org.au OR Register Now
Relationships Australia – Invitation Only Event – Dr. Robert Emery. August 6th
Frenchville Sports Club, 105 Clifton St. Subsidised cost $150pp. Internationally renown
Dr. Robert Emery Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Children,
Families and Law at the University of Virginia; he has authored over 150 scientific publication
and several books. This event is open only to professionals in the sector – the focus is on
coparenting: emotional neuroscience; parenting across child development; conflict and conflict
resolution. Limited places. If interested please email your full name, organisation, workshop
date and your address to training@raq.org.au – re3gistration closes June 27th. Payment will be
CTN Managing Customer Interactions, 11th August: 1pm - 4.30pm. Home Support
Association, cnr Haig and Cavell Sts. Facilitator Glenda Channells. Cost: Early Bird $60
(register by 28/07/14) Full Price $70. Afternoon Tea provided. This workshop is designed for
receptionists, administration workers or anybody dealing with customers or clients in the
workplace. The aim of this workshop is to learn and practise effective communication strategies
and to also manage your response to challenging or aggressive behaviour. This will help
individuals to identify and implement principles of verbal de-escalation and to recognise the
importance of personal safety and to be aware of their own response in stressful situations. For
more information please phone 0408 276383 or ctn@homesupport.org.au OR Register Now
GLADSTONE: Peter Bullimore: Working through Paranoia and making sense of unusual
beliefs and Developing hearing voices groups. Calliope Community Centre; 3 Don
Cameron Drive, Calliope; Gladstone. 11th August: 8.30am to 4.00pm. Cost: Early Bird $99
(by 8th July): Full $125: Concession $60. For more information or to register email
hearingvoices@amhrc.org.au or call 0417 104 488. Also see
The Youth Mental Health Forum 12 August from 3.30-5pm (location tbc). The focus of the
Mental Health Forum will be to explore the possible gaps in services for young Indigenous
people at risk of suicide and or self-harm, to look at ways that our services can support one
another more, and lastly to collect data on how services in each region are dealing with local
issues. Light supper and refreshments will be served.
For more information, feel free to contact Sarah Bedak-Radic (Mondays & Thursdays) Deadly
Vibe Group: Ph 02 9361 0140 : Mobile 042138478. Or for more information on the Vibe 3on3,
please visit: http://www.deadlyvibe.com.au/about/our-work/vibe-3on3/
The Healthy Mind & Strong Body Expo 13 August at the Hegvold Stadium, Sir Raymond
Huish Drive. This will be part of the Vibe 3on3 event day. The Expo is the opportunity for both
mental and primary health services in the area to get in touch with around 350 children through
this popular event. The Expo aims to normalise mental and physical health needs in both adults
and children and make children aware of local services they and their families can access. We
are asking stall holders to display posters, disseminate information and resources and to try to
be as interactive as possible. If you have ideas on what to do to make your stall engaging,
that’s wonderful & if you’re not sure, please call me on my numbers below and we can throw
some ideas around. Please find a 3on3 Health Expo registration form attached
For more information, feel free to contact Sarah Bedak-Radic (Mondays & Thursdays) Deadly
Vibe Group: Ph 02 9361 0140 : Mobile 042138478. Or for more information on the Vibe 3on3,
please visit: http://www.deadlyvibe.com.au/about/our-work/vibe-3on3/
CTN: Introduction to Mental Health.13th August 9am – 4pm: Frenchville Sports Culb, Cnr Eldon
and Clifton Sts. Cost: Early Bird – before 4/8/2014; full cost $162. Introduction to mental health
disorders, identification of signs and symptoms, treatment options, suicide and self harm and
its impact on family, friends and community. Facilitator: Paul Tyler Psychotherapist. For more
information or to register please contact 0408 276 383 or ctn@homesupport.org.au
EMERALD: Central Highlands Multicultural Festival: 23rd August, 5pm -10pm; Emerald
Showgrounds. Children’s Workshops and Activities. Gates open at 4:30pm with entertainment
kick off at 5:00pm. Seating is limited, bring chairs or a rug. Designated
GLADSTONE: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Queens Hotel Upstairs
Function Room (enter through side door on Goondoon Street). Thursday 28 August 8:30am -4:30pm and Friday 28 August 9:00am- 3:00pm. ASIST is a 2-day interactive
workshop in suicide first aid. Attendance at both days is essential. Cost: NIL -Training, Venue
and Food all provided by The Gladstone Port Curtis Rotary Club.
Lea Sycamore
Jenny Morris jmorr139@eq.edu.au
Sharon Kelly
The Silver Sessions- extending the boundaries of expertise in risk assessment. Session
1 is on 28/08/14. These advanced workshops are designed for experienced child protection
decision-makers and offer the opportunity to come together to share expertise and examine
emerging knowledge about risk assessment and the challenges it raises for contemporary
practice. To register go to www.efac.com.au/register.php or email enquiries@efac.com.au.
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): 13th & 14th November: Community
Building, Room 1, Cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. 8.30am -5pm. Cost $150. For more
information, or registration forms, please contact Nicole.Cooper@health.qld.gov.au
Youth Mental Health First Aid, 16th and 17th October, Room 3 Community Health Building,
Cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. 9am -5pm. Cost $100. 14 hr course over two days, which
teaches first aid skills in mental health crisis situations and early stages of mental health
problems including depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicidal
thoughts and behaviour, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, aggression etc. For registration
forms and more information please contact Nicole Cooper on Nicole_Cooper@health.qld.gov.au
S.A.S. EXPO Support. Assist. Sustain. An inclusive Disability Action Week event
Wednesday 17 September 2014 - 10AM to 2PM Central Queensland University - Sports
Centre. -Assistive technology demonstrations (hands-on - come & try - blow your mind!); Up-tothe-minute technologies (iPads, apps, robotics); Guest speakers; Disability Action Week, Video
Launch - ‘My Job - My Success’; Success stories; and ‘Power Up’ inclusive industry talks.
For further information please contact Des Ryan, Community Solutions, Phone: 07 4932 8000
Email: des.ryan@communitysolutions.org.au
Endeavour Foundation Dance Party Friday 19th September. 5.30pm -9.30pm. Meteors
Sports Club (opposite the Botanic Gardens). Over 18 – alcohol free. Free sausage sizzle.
Drinks for sale. For more information call 4979 1677
‘An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour’ 2
day workshop Rockhampton – 17th & 18th November 2014
Link to Rockhampton Training Workshop Flyer ...
Sandy Paton
Ph: 07 4939 4504
Mb: 0407 178 597