Family Assessment Training - Rockhampton v2

Federal Circuit Court of Australia
24th and 25th June 2015
The Child Dispute Services of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in conjunction with
the Central Queensland Family Law Pathway Network will be conducting a training
program in forensic family assessments in Rockhampton on the 24th and 25th June
2015 at the Parish Centre (St Joseph’s Cathedral grounds), 169 William Street.
This two day workshop is being offered free to psychologists and social workers in
private practice to assist them to complete family assessments in disputed family law
matters (commonly referred to as family reports).
The training will be conducted by David Hugall, Regional Coordinator of Child Dispute
Services, Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, who is a
social worker with 35 years’ experience in the child and family welfare area and 20
years’ experience in the Family Law Courts.
Although the training is intended to assist psychologists and social workers who wish
to apply to be appointed as Regulation 7 Family Consultants there is no requirement
or obligation for participants to do so.
Appointment as a Regulation 7 Family Consultant is a separate process whereby
appointees are accepted as a Court expert and can be contracted on a fee for service
basis directly by the Court to complete assessments and provide reports as private
The training will cover the topics in the attached outline, and will include a session
with the Federal Circuit Court Judge responsible for the Rockhampton matters, Judge
Expressions of interest in attending the training program are sought from registered
psychologists or from social workers who are members of or eligible for membership
of the AASW. If interested please email David Hugall, and please include your CV.
Enquiries to: David Hugall
Ph: 07 32482315
Federal Circuit Court of Australia
Location: The Parish Centre (St Joseph’s Cathedral grounds), 169 William Street.*
Day 1 Wednesday 24th June 9:00 – 4:30
Introduction and overview
Course overview
Family Law Courts
Case Management Pathways: Application through to trial.
Legislation relevant to children’s matters, family assessment reports and
family consultants
Ordering and use of family consultant reports
11:00 Preliminary Issues and arranging assessments
Definition of family assessment reports
Clarify the purpose and scope of the assessment
Multiple relationships and conflicts of interests
Communication with parties and legal reps
Risk screening and preliminary information gathering
Identify and obtain permission re collaterals
Cultural issues and use of interpreters
Home visits
Planning the assessment process
Lunch 1:00 – 1:45
1:45 pm
Conducting Assessments
 Overview of assessment process
 Interviews with adults
 Interviews with children
 Observations
 Use of psychological tests
 Interviews with collaterals
 Reading documents
 Notes and recording
3:45 Q@A with Regulation 7 Family Consultant
4:30 Finnish
*Parking available to the rear of the Cathedral or along Murray Street.
Day 2 Thursday 25th June 2015
9:00 – 4:30
Issues in conducting assessments
Forensic vs therapeutic and mediation processes
Interview styles
Safety, family violence and Interviews
Allegations and disputed facts
Resistance and refusals
10:45 Family violence risk assessment
Definition of family violence
Impacts of family violence
Assessing family violence (5Ps framework)
Assessing future risk
Lunch 12:30 – 1:15
Q@A with Federal Circuit Court Judge Anne Demack
formulating assessments and reporting
Frameworks for assessments
Common mistakes
Structure and content of reports
Formulating recommendations
Limitations on assessments and recommendations
Referencing literature in reports
Oral reports and cross examination
Finnish 4:30
*Parking is available to the rear of the Cathedral or along Murray Street.