CQFLPN e-Newsletter August 2014

e-Newsletter August 2014
Hi All,
For the latest information on the Family Law sector, please see below.
Upcoming CQFLPN Event:
Supporting Clients through the Family Law System. The Whale Room, Family
Relationship Centre, Fitzroy St. Monday 15th September: 9:00 registration :
9:30am start 12:00pm finish. FREE. A half day workshop providing insight and
information on effective ways to help support your clients through various phases of
the Family Law System. Presenter: Mitch Jamieson from Everyday Lawyers. The
principal foci of the session will be:
 Knowing how to support your clients without providing “legal” advice
 Knowing what paperwork is required and how this needs to be completed,
including in the areas of –
o Domestic and Family Violence
o Divorce
o Property settlement
There will be ample opportunity to ask general questions on these matters and others
your clients may be dealing with. To RSVP please contact Sandy via email
sandypaton@bigpond.com or call 4939 4504.
Very Successful CQFLPN Megan Hunter – “Working with High
Conflict” People Workshop.
A very successful CQFLPN Megan Hunter, “Working with High Conflict” People
Workshop was held at the Duhig Centre on August 20th, with nearly 60 people in
attendance. 100% of attendees documented feedback indicated that they found the
workshop very or extremely useful. 97% indicated that they would make changes to
the way they deal with people who they perceive to be high conflict people.
Launch of a new video on YouTube to encourage court users to
register and manage their case online
The Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia launched their
official YouTube channels in February this year with the aim of posting videos that
will help court users with court procedures relating to family law. Recently, the courts
have launched a third video which explains the benefits to litigants and family law
practitioners in registering and using the Commonwealth Courts Portal to submit
some documents and to manage their case(s).
The Commonwealth Courts Portal (www.comcourts.gov.au) provides an accessible
and easy way for people who are representing themselves in family law proceedings
to submit and pay for their applications and to view important information such as
future court dates, court orders and outcomes. A significant advantage in using the
portal is that court users, whether they’re a lawyer or someone who is representing
themselves, can access the site 24 hours, 7 days a week from any location
nationally or internationally. All that is required is a computer and internet
access. Using the portal also avoids having to travel to a court registry or to post
Registered users receive a secure username and password which is unique to them
and cannot be accessed by others. Richard Foster, Chief Executive Officer of the
Family Court and Federal Circuit Court said that the Commonwealth Courts Portal
has been a very successful initiative for the courts and there are now nearly 150,000
registered users. The Portal is already heavily used by lawyers and litigants who are
representing themselves in family law proceedings are encouraged to sign up, so
they can manage their case without the added stress of having to come to a registry
to submit applications or to seek copies of their orders or outcomes for example. To
view the video about the portal, visit the Family Court of Australia’s YouTube channel
at www.youtube.com/familycourtAU or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia’s
YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/federalcircuitcourt
To register with the Commonwealth Courts Portal, visit www.comcourts.gov.au and
follow the instructions.
New Standards of Practice for Family Assessments and Reporting
Family reports are a very important tool to assist in resolving or determining disputes
over children, and judges often rely heavily on the assessments in family reports as
evidence. Consequently there are often many questions and issues that clients and
the legal profession have about the quality and validity of the family reports and how
the assessments are conducted.
In Australia there has, until now, not been any public document designed to inform
the judiciary, the legal profession or the clients as to what can be expected as the
minimum standards in the process of preparing family reports. In order to address
this issue, the Court has drafted the Australian Standards of Practice for Family
Assessments and Reporting, basing the principles on the existing practice guidelines
for Child Dispute Services and similar documents from overseas, such as the
guidelines produced by the United States based Association of Family and
Conciliation Courts (AFCC). The Australian Standards address the local context and
assessment of family violence, cultural issues and issues for Indigenous clients.
The Australian Standards promote good practices in conducting and reporting on full
family assessments by social workers and psychologists in family law matters, such
as those completed under s65G of the Family Law Act and family reports
commissioned privately.
The Standards:
provide information to the judiciary, agencies, legal professionals and clients
who utilise the services of family assessors to increase the understanding as
to what constitutes good practice in family assessments and reporting
inform as to what can be expected as a minimum standard of practice when
conducting family assessments and preparing reports, and
address some common issues and concerns about family assessments and
the processes of assessments and reporting, such as whether psychometric
testing or home visits should be part of the assessment process.
The draft Standards have been through an initial round of consultation with internal
and external social science stakeholders and were widely supported. Feedback from
these consultations has been incorporated into a second draft and consultations are
now proceeding with peak legal bodies in the family law area. It is planned to present
the final version of the Standards at the first conference of the newly formed
Australian chapter of the AFCC in Melbourne in August 2014.
Overall it is hoped this initiative of the courts will lead to a more informed community,
fewer complaints based on misunderstandings and a higher standard in the reports
completed across the whole sector. To see the original article please click on August
Family Court Bulletin
Gauging the Confidence of the Not For Profit Sector
Pro Bono Australia, with the assistance of the Community Council of Australia and
Net Balance, is once again conducting, a survey to gauge the Not for Profit sector's
views and future outlook . The survey asks many of the same questions originally
asked in the survey conducted prior to the 2013 election, and will provide a needed
evidence-base for how the sector sees current events, reform and what the sector
wants to see for the future. In 2013 survey there were 1500 respondents. The survey
will be used to help convey the sectors views to government. This survey will inform
a Press Club Event to be held in Canberra later this year with some of the nation's
leaders. You are encouraged to take part in the 2014 survey and have your say on
Gauging the Confidence of the Not For Profit Sector
The National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase: Developed by the
National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction with support from the
Australian Government Department of Health.
This website draws on the highest quality Australian data to provide accurate and
easy-to-understand information about alcohol and other drugs. A series of frequently
asked questions (FAQs) is used to present data in an easily understood manner. To
access the data available please click on National Alcohol and Drug
Service Information
Saver Plus
Kathy Connaughton is the new Smith Family Saver Plus coordinator in
Rockhampton. Saver Plus is a 10 month financial literacy and matched savings
program that assists families to gain financial skills, establish a savings goal and
develop long term savings habits. Participants receive dollar for dollar matching for
their savings, up to $500. This is a great incentive to start and maintain positive
saving behaviour and, at the end of the program, families use their matched savings
to purchase an education-related goal such as school uniforms, a computer or
textbooks, as education can broaden life chances. Participants set a savings goal
and save over a 10 month period while receiving support and education to help them
achieve it. Upon reaching their goal, ANZ matches their savings, dollar for dollar, up
to $500. Matched savings are then spent on costs relating to the participants'
children's schooling or vocational training for themselves which amongst other
expenses includes computers, text books, uniforms, excursions, music & sports
Through SaverPlus, families receive MoneyMinded training which consists of four
informative, fun & informal workshops that include topics such as budgeting, needs
versus wants, credit and debt and superannuation tips, as well as personal support
and guidance from a Smith Family MoneyMinded facilitator. If you have any clients
that may be interested in the program Kathy’s contact details are below:
Kathy Connaughton, Saver Plus Program Coordinator| The Smith Family, 43
Denham Street . ph 07 4921 0273 :mob 0408 490 984
Also see
A reminder that the Livingstone Shire Council Community Centre is
celebrating 25 years of service to the community this year by holding a street
party on Thursday 30 October 2014.
As part of the celebrations they are inviting service providers to hold an information
stall to promote their service. The event will commence at 2pm and finish at
7pm. The aim of the event is to give community members who aren’t normally
available to attend events during working hours the opportunity to come and find out
what is available.
Activities on the day : information stalls; amusement rides; entertainment; street
performers; workshops; food and beverage stall; the official ceremony will be at
approx. 3.30pm .
Please advise if you would like to participate as soon as possible spaces will be
limited and they need to plan the partial road closure to suit the event. Contact
4913 3840
Or email Sue Hamilton@livingstone.qld.gov.au . Service Provider stalls will be
required to be set up by 1pm on the day, due to workplace , health and safety
requirements for the event, i.e. amusement rides set up etc.
You are all invited to attend the ‘‘2014 Livingstone Community
Summit’ | Thursday 4 September 2014 | 9am – 3pm | Yeppoon Town Hall
Guest speaker will be Mick Shearer, Regional Executive Director, Regional Service
Centre, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services . Topic
- State Government reforms to funded areas. There will also be a Showcase by
LiveWELL CQ. You are encouraged to nominate for the ‘Summit Session
Themes’: Aged Care Community Health Disability Services; Seniors; Employment,
Community Housing & Low Income; Indigenous, South Sea Islander, Multicultural;
Children Youth & Families
These interactive sessions will collate feedback from participants around: Current
trends and issues; Local services available; Adequacy of services; Gaps for the
community; How gaps can be filled. For more information or to RSVP please contact
4913 3840 or email Sue Hamilton@livingstone.qld.gov.au . You are welcome and
encouraged to bring along more than one participant.
Domestic violence orders need stronger enforcement : The Conversation: 8th
August 2014
Protection orders form a central plank of the various state and territory governments’
response to domestic violence. First introduced in New South Wales in the 1980s
and known by a different names across Australia, protection orders are designed to
provide a better, more responsive approach to domestic violence than had been
provided by the criminal law. Protection orders have clear benefits. They are
relatively easy to obtain, address a range of behaviours beyond physical violence,
look beyond incidents to the pattern of behaviour, and can be “tailor-made” to fit the
needs of the victim.
But protection orders do not work for all victims of domestic violence. The case of
Rosie Batty reminds us that even when people obtain a protection order, this does
not mean that the order will be effective. Many orders are breached, often multiple
times, and in this case ended in the tragic death of a child.
Breaches have long been seen as one of the weakest links in the effectiveness of
protection orders. When a breach is not acted on appropriately, either by the police
or the legal system, it undermines the effectiveness of the order, not only for that
victim, but the system as a whole. To view the complete article please click on The
Domestic violence victims told by police to leave and let partner calm down.
The Guardian:11th August 2014
Brisbane Story
Domestic violence victims say police in Queensland have told them to leave the
house for the night until their partner “calmed down”, an inquiry into a bill to
strengthen domestic violence laws in the state has heard. Other victims said they
received the best response from police once officers themselves were threatened by
the partner.
The inquiry has also heard from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), which has
argued for a ban on sexualised outdoor advertising, saying it is a factor in the
increase in sexual violence.
The Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS) has included victims’ experiences
with police in its submission to the bill, arguing police response is key to the
effectiveness of the legislation. Victims said they had called police numerous times
but that they would leave without taking any action, handing “more power to him [the
partner]”. Another woman said the responsibility was put back on her to be safe and
she was told she “should leave the house for the night to let him calm down”.
“The best response I had from the police was when he threatened the police,”
another victim said while another submitted: “The onus is on the victim to prove it
happened instead of the perpetrator proving it didn’t.” Karyn Walsh, the co-ordinator
of Brisbane’s Micah Projects, said in the submission that for many of the women
calling police to report domestic violence, it was their first interaction in seeking
safety and support as a victim. “Trained, competent, timely and consistent police
responses across regions is key to ensuring the safety and engagement of victims of
domestic and family violence and, importantly, holding those perpetrating violence
accountable for their actions,” she said. “In addition the police response is key to the
effectiveness of any legislation that has the aim of making offenders of domestic
violence more accountable as well as providing more practical and financial support
to victims of domestic and family violence.” BDVS also recommended easier access
to financial assistance for victims of domestic violence. Tom read the complete story
please click on The Guardian
ACOSS call for single welfare payment to cover 'life essentials' : Judith Ireland:
Sydney Morning Herald: August 12th
The welfare system should be radically overhauled to replace all working-age
payments and pensions with a single basic payment that would cover "life's
essentials," according to the country's peak welfare group. In its submission to the
federal government's McClure welfare review, the Australian Council of Social
Service argues that welfare payments should be based on people's financial needs
and not on assessments about their potential to do paid work. It recommends that
payments for people of working age should be based on two components: a basic
income support payment for all recipients and add-ons for extra needs such as
disability, caring, rental assistance and single parenting. This model is similar to the
"Universal Credit" payment which was launched in Britain last year to replace six
working-age benefits.
ACOSS says a single payment would fix the "unfair" split between lower allowance
payments and higher pension payments, addressing the current $255.50 difference
between the dole and the disability support pension per fortnight for single people.
The welfare body also argues that the current welfare system is based on an out-ofdate idea that people who are able to work should get lower welfare payments
because they will only need short-term income support. ACOSS chief executive
Cassandra Goldie said the social security system was ''complex, unfair and
undermines employment participation". "The system is broken and tinkering at the
margins won't fix it," she said. "People with the same financial needs receive vastly
different payments." To see the original article and read more, please click on
Sydney Morning Herald
Domestic violence victims should have paid leave, says ACTU: Judith Ireland.
Sydney Morning Herald: 18th August
Workers should be able to take specific paid leave for domestic violence, unions
say. The Australian Council of Trade Unions president Ged Kearney is calling on the
federal government to boost protections for domestic violence victims, arguing the
abuse is not a private issue and must also be addressed in the workplace. In a
submission to a Senate inquiry into domestic violence, the ACTU says that while
more than 1.5 million employees have access to paid domestic violence leave, the
provision needs to be extended to all workers. The ACTU would like to see paid
domestic violence leave included in National Employment Standards or in all modern
Ms Kearney said that it was critical that victims of domestic violence are supported in
the workplace, noting the ‘‘last thing’’ they need is to lose their income during an
already ‘‘terrible situation’’ . Along with paid leave of up to about 20 days, unions are
also calling for the right to request additional carers leave – to look after children who
might be distressed, for example – and for the enforcement of rights to flexible work
arrangements. ‘‘For too long [domestic violence] has been behind closed doors and
it's been hidden away ... we’ve got to bring it out into the open and make it a social
issue,’’ Ms Kearney said. She said workplaces also needed to do more to educate
their staff about dealing with domestic violence, including in human resources areas
that would be processing leave applications.
Ms Kearney also cited an example in her own work history, where she worked in an
office that banded together to care for a staff member with a violent partner. She said
that the office did ‘‘very simple things’’ like move the woman’s office away from
reception and vetted all her calls. They also practised scenarios about what would
happen if the violent partner turned up at the office and they got advice from the local
police station. ‘‘It made an enormous difference to the woman; she was much more
confident,’’ Ms Kearney said. The Senate inquiry, which is looking at the adequacy of
policy responses to domestic violence, is due to report back at the end of
October. To see the original article please click on Sydney Morning Herald
Court Decisions of Interest
Full Court (Appeals Judgments
Tokely & Tokely [2014] FamCAFC 137 – 29/07/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – RECOVERY ORDER – Where the child was taken into
the father’s care and not returned – Where the mother’s evidence was that, until
removal, she had been the primary carer of the child – Where the mother sought
orders on an urgent basis returning the child to her – Where the trial judge
acknowledged that the matter was urgent – Where the trial judge made orders
adjourning the matter for 4 months to allow the father to file additional evidence and
to allow the matter to be heard in a circuit court closer to where the parties lived
– Whether there was a denial of procedural fairness by failing to properly engage in
the issues by determining the recovery order application or failing to set the recovery
order application down for hearing in a suitable time frame – Where the evidence
suggested that an urgent hearing was required – Where the length of the
adjournment and the listing of the matter for mention as opposed to hearing did not
meet the urgency of the situation – Where it was accepted that a lengthy
adjournment was tantamount to a refusal of the application on an interim basis –
Where the trial judge did not determine whether the child’s best interests were to be
served by remaining with the father – HELD – Appeal allowed.
Maldera & Orbel [2014] FamCAFC 135 – 30/07/2014 - View PDF
provisions in legislation considered – Where greater weight attached s 60B (objects
and principles) than s 60CC – B & B: Family Law Reform Act 1995 (1997) FLC 92755 considered as to the role and significance of s 60B – Where B & B: Family Law
Reform Act 1995 provides that a judge is expected to identify and discuss the
significance and weight of relevant s 60B factors and that where there are no
countervailing factors, s 60B may be decisive – Where regard may be had to objects
clauses to resolve uncertainty or ambiguity in the legislation but not to control clear
statutory language or command a particular outcome of exercise of discretionary
power – HELD – B & B: Family Law Reform Act 1995 overruled to the extent that it
holds that s 60B does more than provide context, indicate the legislative purpose of
Part VII and operate as an aid to construction of the Act.
child lives – Where in a parenting case undertaken between a parent and another
person interested in the welfare of the child, the fact of parenthood requires careful
consideration – Part VII does not prescribe a hierarchy of applicants – Where s 60B
cannot be used to establish a hierarchy as to outcome in which parents sit at the
apex – Where the significance for a child of parenthood is to be weighed and
considered along with other matters identified in s 60CC – Where child had lived with
grandparent most of his life – Where application for a family report refused – Where
no Independent Children’s Lawyer - HELD – Error established as to determination
that it was in child’s best interests to live with his father – Orders in favour of father
set aside and proceedings remitted for rehearing.
New First Instance Judgments
Hall & Hall (Costs) [2014] FamCA 404 – 17/06/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – COSTS – Discretion – husband filed application seeking to restrain a
solicitor from acting for the objectors – application withdrawn on day of hearing –
circumstances justify order – husband pay costs of the solicitor of and incidental to
the application.
FAMILY LAW – PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – wife alleged husband retained
items of jewellery and other personal property at the date of separation – limited
argument – husband ordered to return property within 14 days.
Hall & Hall (No. 2) [2014] FamCA 405 – 17/06/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – Interim Orders – supervision – father sought orders for
the removal of the requirement of supervision – mother sought independent
supervisor be appointed – father previously failed to comply with supervision orders
– best interests of the children – benefit to the children of meaningful relationship
must be balanced against the risk of psychological and physical harm – children to
spend time with father to be supervised by an independent supervisor.
Hall & Hall (No. 3) [2014] FamCA 406 – 17/06/2014 - View PDF
FAMILY LAW – PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – Interim Orders – husband sought
stay of orders pending appeal – orders included exclusive use of matrimonial home
and spouse maintenance – wife opposed application and sought injunction
restraining husband from disposing or attempting to dispose of the former
matrimonial home – husband’s debts secured against the former matrimonial home
and other properties – husband received advice from ATO to reduce debt – wife
sought mutual order for discovery to clarify husband’s financial position – husband
has other assets with which to reduce debt and it is not appropriate to dispose of
former matrimonial home – husband’s application dismissed.
Hall & Hall and Anor (objection to subpoena) [2014] FamCA 407 – 17/06/2014 View PDF
FAMILY LAW – PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – Subpoenas – husband issued
subpoena to produce documents in relation to the wife’s deceased father’s Will and
estate – wife’s mother and brothers filed objections – objectors argued the
subpoenas were oppressive and constituted a “fishing” exercise – objectors also
argued documents were subject to client legal privilege, confidentiality and
inadmissible in these proceedings – consideration of s 121 of the Family Law Act
1975 (Cth), injunction to protect privacy
Peak Care Guest Lecturer Cathy Humphries Webinar now on Youtube.
On 4 August Professor Cathy Humphreys delivered a lecture on the nexus between
child protection and domestic and family violence. PeakCare recorded the session
and have made it available on Youtube.
Making Father Inclusive Practice Happen - Staff Induction Webpage....
This webpage is designed as an induction tool for staff involved in community
health/welfare/counselling contexts and how their program/organisation can best
involve fathers.
It is full of multimedia resources, reflective questions and tools for organisations and
programs to improve father inclusive practice and ensure best service delivery
outcomes for vulnerable families and communities. Click here to view
Topics include:
1. Significant forces that shape men's lives
2. What do fathers need?
3. Separate programs or inclusive programs - including mothers as well as fathers?
4. What can services do?
5. Key messages for fathers
CFCA Resources on Childhood Abuse and neglect
Child deaths from abuse and neglect
This updated resource provides an overview of child deaths due to child abuse and
neglect in Australia, and sets these statistics in an international context.
Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect
This updated resource examines the legal provisions requiring specified people to
report suspected abuse and neglect to government child protection services in
Australian child protection legislation
This updated resource provides a brief overview of child protection legislation
across state and territory jurisdictions in Australia.
International approaches to child protection: What can Australia learn?
The provision of child protection services varies considerably across the world. This
paper offers a broad overview of some of the main approaches to child protection
used internationally. Drawing upon examples from Canada, Sweden, Belgium and
the Gaza Strip, it offers policy-makers the chance to reflect on the strengths and
weaknesses of different approaches, as well as how these examples might be used
to inspire improvements within the Australian context.
Family Law Council Report on Parentage and the Family Law Act.
This report considers whether the outcome of a family law matter is affected by the
way in which a child’s family was formed and who is considered to be a ‘parent’
under the Act. The Council has made 19 recommendations which the Government is
considering and will respond to in due course. The report is available at:
Fathers' involvement in the lives of their children: Separated parents'
This short article examines the preferences of separated mothers and fathers
regarding paternal involvement in their child's life, fathers' perceived barriers to
increased involvement in their child's life, and the factors linked with parents'
preferences. (CFCA publication)
September 10: Community based intake and referral services
September 10: Intensive family support services
September 17: Collective Impact Project
September 26: Caring for Our Community grants
September 26: Small grants for rural communities
September 30: Ethical Enterprise Award
Meetings, Events and Training Date Claimers
CCDA Committee meeting 2nd Monday of the month, 10am at the Anglicare Corporate
Office Quay St, Open to interested observers. RSVP to Secretary Carmel Marshall at
carmelm@centacare.net. Strategic cross sector issues will be discussed.
Rockhampton Youth Interagency Network (RYIN), Meetings held regularly on the
3rd Thursday of the month 9.00am – 10.30am. 192 Dean St (The old WIN building) For
further information or to put items on the Agenda please email or ring Kelly Yow Yeh on
4928 5243 or Kelly.yowyeh@pcyc.org.au.
Local Network Group (Care Coordination Model) Room 5 Community Health Bolsover
Street, Rockhampton Second Tuesday of the month 2.30pm to 4.30pm. For more
information please contact Susie Cameron, Service Integration Coordinator: 07 4932 5291:
Mobile: 0409 341 782: susan_cameron@health.qld.gov.au
Capricorn Coast Type 2 Diabetes Support Group Second Saturday of Month at 10am
until June 14th. Cap Coast Hospital & Health Services 8 Hoskin Drive Yeppoon. For
people who have Type 2 Diabetes and their carers. Lisa White 0417 537 408
.(Coordinator) Supported by Helen Sutcliffe 0408 190 387 (Credentialed Diabetes Educator)
Rockhampton Community Access & Equity Reference Group For further information
please contact
Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707:
SALT (School to Adult Life Transition) Group, Community Solutions Board Room –
189 Musgrave Street. June 25th: July 23rd: August 27th: September 24th: October 22nd:
November 26th: 2pm at Community Solutions. Contact Julie Irwin: 4932-8000 /4932-8010
:M 0407 226 147: Julie.Irwin@communitysolutions.org.au
Indigenous Social and Emotional Wellbeing Group. For further information contact Leslie
Purcell : 4930 4600 rc-sewb-2@bidgerdii.org
Rockhampton Interagency meetings for 2014 at UnitingCare Community 229
Musgrave Street, North Rockhampton,
Tuesday 12th
Tuesday 11th
For further information please contact Bob Muir on 4936 8563: Mobile: 0457 102 707: Email: Bob.Muir@rrc.qld.gov.au
Rockhampton Domestic Violence Network. Last Wednesday of the month: For
more information including the next venue please contact 4926 5603
GLADSTONE: Youth Interagency meeting, first Wednesday of the month (except for
August Show Holiday) 9am, Community Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon
St Contact Vernetta on 4976 6311
GLADSTONE: Interagency Meeting, third Wednesday of the month, 11am, Community
Advisory Service, 142 Goondoon St. Contact Andrea on 4976 6358
YEPPOON. Livingstone Community Development Centre (CDC) User Group Meeting:
Meetings are held every 2 months at the CDC Garage10 Johns St. Everyone Welcome.
Share Ideas for the CDC. Meet the Livingstone Shire Council Manager Community
Wellbeing. Provide Feedback. Plan CDC Events. For more information including the next
date please phone: 4913 3840
YEPPOON: Capricorn Coast Interagency Network Meeting 14 May 2014 | 2pm to .30pm
– is Rooms A & B Community Development Centre 80 John Street Yeppoon. Future dates:
13 August | 12 November Contact: Sue Hamilton PH: 07 4913 3840. Sue.Hamilton@
EMERALD Interagency meeting, 2nd Tuesday of the month 9am. -11am. . For more
information please contact Bec Hall on BHall@chrc.qld.gov.au or 4980 6345
Mental Health Workers Group regular get-togethers on: First Monday of the month from
5.00 – 6.00 pm Excelcare D2DL Centre, 10 Albert Street, Rockhampton. Anyone who
works in any mental health related field who has, or has had, mental health challenges
themselves are welcome to attend. Confidentiality, mutual support, laughter, community, and
a cup of tea are all assured. For more information please contact Cindi - 4991 1997
The Next Step: Kalka Hotel every Monday at 5.30pm. Group open to people who have lost
some-one through suicide and are interested in being part of a supportive network and raising
awareness of the issue of suicide. For more information please contact Amanda on 0428 841
756 or email amanda@kangabins.com.au
The Rockhampton Mental Health Community of Practice. Third Wednesday of the
month. 10am – 12pm. Relationships Australia Cnr Bersker and High Sts. Open to
professionals, people with the lived experience of mental health challenges, carers, and all
those interested in improving mental support and awareness. For more information please
contact Aaron Kenney on 4926 9726 or akenney@raq.org.au
Events and training
Koala Joeys : Wednesday mornings 9.30 am : Allenstown State School, H Block (next
to the pool) . Koala Joeys is an interactive oral language program for children under school
age to participate with their parents or caregivers. The program is designed to help children
be better prepared for school by exposing them to skills and knowledge they will need when
they start school through the use of song, rhyme, movement, oral storytelling and multisensory
Approximately 1 hour each week (except during school holidays). People are welcome to stay
afterwards for a cuppa and a chat. Free including tea, coffee and biscuits. Contact Melanie
McAllum (Guidance Officer, Allenstown State School). 0467815549
Playgroup: Friday mornings 9.00 am : Allenstown State School, H Block (next to the
pool) Free including tea, coffee and biscuits. Contact Melanie McAllum (Guidance
Officer, Allenstown State School).
Mt. MORGAN: Promoting sexual health and personal safety in young people. 26th
August, 10am -11.30am, School of Arts, Mt. Morgan. Rsvp 4936 8569 or email
LifeForce Community Proposal Meeting for a suicide prevention network in Rockhampton.
headspace, 155 Alma St. 27th August 3pm – 4.30pm. Wesley LifeForce supports local
community members to take ownership of this issue and work towards real solutions to reduce
the suicide rate in their region. At this meeting there will be discussion about how a suicide
prevention network could work in Rockhampton, and the local issues here. All interested community
members welcome. For further information please call 1800 100 024 or email
GLADSTONE: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Queens Hotel
Upstairs Function Room (enter through side door on Goondoon Street). Thursday 28
August - 8:30am -4:30pm and Friday 28 August 9:00am- 3:00pm. ASIST is a 2-day
interactive workshop in suicide first aid. Attendance at both days is essential. Cost: NIL Training, Venue and Food all provided by The Gladstone Port Curtis Rotary Club.
Lea Sycamore leasycamore4youth@outlook.com
Jenny Morris jmorr139@eq.edu.au
Sharon Kelly
The Silver Sessions- extending the boundaries of expertise in risk
assessment. Session 1 is on 28/08/14, 9.30am – 4pm. Brisbane. These advanced
workshops are designed for experienced child protection decision-makers and offer the
opportunity to come together to share expertise and examine emerging knowledge about risk
assessment and the challenges it raises for contemporary practice. Cost $220 per
workshop. To register go to www.efac.com.au/register.php or email enquiries@efac.com.au.
1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parenting Course: Rockhampton Centacare 10
Bolsover Street, Thurs 28 Aug & 4 & 11 Sept, 9.30am-12.00pm. A three week course,
with sessions taking approx 2 hours covering: How to discipline without arguing, yelling or
smacking, how to sort behaviour, how to handle challenging and testing behaviours,
choosing your strategy, the “three choices” and using emotion coaching to encourage good
behaviour . Cost: $20.00 (Full Program). Bookings: registrations@centacare.net or Phone
1300 523 985
Centacare Live Life Today Series. The Annex, Allenstown State School, Caroline St.
9.30am -2.30pm. Three workshops: Strengthening Awareness 1st Sept: Ambition to
Meaning 8th September: Change your thoughts – change your life 15th Sept. Free for
Allenstown school mums. BYO lunch. To register phone Melanie 0n 0467 815 549.
Apply First CPR 1 September 5:00pm - 8.30pm. Early Bird $55. Normal $60. For more
information or to register for training please contact Sheree on 0408 276 383 or email
Apply First Aid 1 & 2 September 5:00pm - 8.30pm. Early Bird $130. Normal $140. For more
information or to register for training please contact Sheree on 0408 276 383 or email
Critical Incidence Stress Defusing, 3rd September 9am-12.30pm. This program equips
participants with skills required for applying appropriate defusing and debriefing techniques
following a critical incident. Cost $90. For more information and registration please phone
1300 523 985
Protective Behaviours Training, 3rd September 2pm- 4.30pm. This program equips
participants with skills required to understand the operative framework behind the motives of
a perpetrator or sexual offender, and to devise practical and preventive tools for vulnerable
parties. Cost $70. For more information and registration please phone 1300 523 985
EMERALD. ASIST Workshop. 3rd & 4th September 8.30am – 5pm. Marist College,
Jeppensen Drive Emerald. Cost $150. Suicide First Aid. For more information please
contact 4920 5700
Intimate Partner Violence, 4th September 9am-12.30pm. This program assist participants
identify the differences between types of intimate partner violence. Commonly used
treatments for victims and perpetrators is also discussed. Cost $90. For more information and
registration please phone 1300 523 985.
YEPPOON. Livingstone Community Summit. Yeppoon Town Hall. September 4th, 9am 3pm. Guest Speaker: Mick Shearer. Topic – State Government Reforms to Funded Areas.
Enquiries 4913 3840.
Live Life Today- Three x 1 Day Workshops, Rockhampton Centacare 10 Bolsover
Street, Friday 5, 12 & 19 September, 9.30am-2:30pm. Come and join like-minded women
in small group workshops. Explore the positive ways of improving your life in a fun one day
Workshop. The aim of this workshop is to increase your self awareness. What is covered?
Relaxation sessions, expressive drawings, emotions and the brain, relationships, fear and
anxiety, values and beliefs, coincidence, incorporating small changes, vulnerability, change
your thinking. Cost: $20.00/ Workshop. Bookings: registrations@centacare.net or Phone
1300 523 985
Community, Family and Children’s Expo. Safe, Happy and Healthy Children Celebrating
QLD Child Protection Week. The Hall State School at 8:00am Tuesday, 9th September.
A free sausage sizzle BBQ will be provided. Health, learning, education, family support and
information for families. Family Planning will be running a parent session at 9:00am.
Organisations wishing to hold a stall to inform the community of their services are welcome.
For more information please contact Melanie McAllum via email mmcal27@eq.edu.au or
phone 0467815549
Teaching Relationships and Sexual Education in Primary School Setting.. Allenstown
State School Library. September 10th 3.30pm – 5.30pm. FREE. To register please contact
Psychological First Aid Wednesday 10 September. For more information or to register for
training please contact Sheree on 0408 276 383 or email ctn@homesupport.org.au
Indigenous CulturalAwareness Training Wednesday 10 September, 9:00 am to 4:00
pm:Frenchville Sports Club Clifton Street, Nth Rockhampton. Cost: $150 per person.
Participants will be welcomed with a traditional Welcome to Country and performances by
traditional Darumbal dancers. Morning tea and lunch will be provided, as well as tea and
coffee. For bookings phone: Wade Mann 0429 395 840
Burn Out: The Hidden Cost of Caring. September 11th. 1 day workshop ( 7 PD hrs) on
awareness, prevention and symptom minimization. Early Bird $160.Normal $195. Register
online at www.chrissyatkins.com
A NEWSTART to Life: Principles to Achieve Optimum Mental Health, Thursday 11th
September, 4.30pm -6.3opm: Fitzroy Room, Rockhampton Regional Library. RCC and
NEWSTART Psychology and Counselling are offering this FREE workshop focuses on 8
principles designed to help achieve optimum mental health. RSVP 4936 8569 or email
Community, Family and Children’s Expo. Safe, Happy and Healthy Children Celebrating
QLD Child Protection Week. Allenstown State School at 8:00am, Friday, 12th September.
A free sausage sizzle BBQ will be provided. Health, learning, education, family support and
information for families. Family Planning will be running a parent session at 9:00am.
Organisations wishing to hold a stall to inform the community of their services are welcome.
Form more information please contact Melanie McAllum via email mmcal27@eq.edu.au or
phone 0467815549
Australian Psychological Society, central Queensland Branch, Disaster Preparedness
Workshop, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September: CQ University – Lecture Theatre
G 02, Building 5. All mental health professionals welcome. Cost: APS $200; non-members
$250; students $100. http://www.psychology.org.au/Events/EventView.aspx?EventID=14763
Walk With Me 2014 Rockhampton Challenge, University Oval Sept 14th 10am. Walk With
Me for more information please contact romotes independence and inclusion for people of all
abilities. Join in for a fun filled day. For more information please contact
CQFLPN Supporting Clients Through The Family Law System. September 15th.
Registration 9.00am, 9.30am start, 12.00pm finish. The Whale Room, Family
Relationship Centre, Fitzroy St. Presenter Mitch Jamieson, Solicitor, Legal Practitioner
Director with Everyday Lawyers. FREE. Places capped. Please contact Sandy Paton on 4939
4504 or sandypaton@bigpond.com
CREATE is coming to Rockhampton.... to speak to young people aged 15-25 about what
they think about being in care, and how well they think the department in Rockhampton does
its job in looking after kids in care. For those aged 15-25 then come along on Tuesday 16th
September from 4 pm – 7 pm, for a free dinner and a gift voucher. (Rockhampton Sth Hungry
Jacks – 160 George St.) For more information contact Kelly or Che at CREATE on 3317 6020.
Inclusive Technologies, Products and Services Expo, 17th September, 10am – 3pm,
Frenchville Sports Club – Keppel Functions Room. For more information please contact
Julie Irwin on 4932 8010, mobile 0407 226 147 or Julie.Irwin@communitysolutions.org.au
Psychological First Aid 17 September 12.30 - 2.30pm, Home Support Ass. 19 Cavell
Street Wandal. Psychological first aid is a proven approach to helping people affected by a
traumatic event, emergency or disaster. It is human, caring and compassionate, and educates
the attendee to be able to assist themselves and others immediately following a traumatic
event. Psychological First Aid is simply supportive communication and strategies that can be
used as a means to connect people who are unable to cope following a crisis
Cost: Early Bird $75.00; (Book before 8/09/14) Full Fee : $85.00. For more information
0408 276 383 or ctn@homesupport.org.au
S.A.S. EXPO Support. Assist. Sustain. An inclusive Disability Action Week event
Wednesday 17 September 2014 - 10AM to 2PM Central Queensland University - Sports
Centre. -Assistive technology demonstrations (hands-on - come & try - blow your mind!); Upto-the-minute technologies (iPads, apps, robotics); Guest speakers; Disability Action Week,
Video Launch - ‘My Job - My Success’; Success stories; and ‘Power Up’ inclusive industry
talks. For further information please contact Des Ryan, Community Solutions, Phone: 07 4932
8000 Email: des.ryan@communitysolutions.org.au
Endeavour Foundation Dance Party Friday 19th September. 5.30pm -9.30pm. Meteors
Sports Club (opposite the Botanic Gardens). Over 18 – alcohol free. Free sausage sizzle.
Drinks for sale. For more information call 4979 1677
Family Planning Queensland (fpq) half day accredited training session: Positive and
Protective in Early Childhood, “fpq” Level 1 / 83 Bolsover Street , Monday, 22
September, 8.30am to 12.30pm. Successful completion of the training and assessment will
lead to a Statement of Attainment in CHCCHILD403B Promote the safety, well-being and
welfare of children, young people and their families, in partial completion of the qualification
CHC41508 Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention (Child Protection). The
session is free to attend, spaces are limited. Whilst we will to try to fit everyone in, we may
need to limit the number of participants from each organisation. To register or for more
information please contact 4921 3655 by Friday, 12 September. You will receive a
confirmation email closer to the date.
Suicide Prevention Workshop at Leichhardt Hotel – Cnr Denham & Bolsover St, Friday
26 September, 9am – 1.00pm. There is no charge to attend the workshop. The program
helps participants recognise when a person may be having thoughts of suicide, and provides
a simple strategy to intervene and assist them. If you know of any individuals or groups who
may be interested in attending this workshop please ask them to register using this link:
https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/wl-3157-wesley-lifeforce-suicide-prevention-4hr-workshoprockhampton-qld-tickets-12630790033 The training is open to community members aged
over 18 years.
Athelstane House Breakfast & R U OK Bus. Thursday October 2nd. 7am – 9am at
Athelstane House (end of Ward St, near the Botanic Gardens) Cost $55pp. Table
Sponsorship rates available. RSVP 26th September. .For more information, bookings etc
please contact Jacko on 4927 4391.
The screening of the movie "The SunnyBoy". Thursday 2nd October, 6pm – 9pm; Birch
Carroll & Coyle - Rockhampton North. Tickets: $33 per head inc. GST. “The SunnyBoy”
follows the journey of Jeremy Oxley, lead singer of the Sunnyboys as he emerges from
a 30-year battle with schizophrenia. Please help improve the wellbeing, and support the
recovery of people living with mental illness by raising awareness within our community. Event
includes pre-movie tappas and drinks & post-movie discussion with Jeremy Oxley and Film
Director Kaye Harrison. This event is proudly organized by the CQ Medicare Local in
(http://tinyurl.com/kmbnxcz) you will be guided to the online booking and payment facility. This
event will coincide with the beyond blue bus visit on Thursday 2nd October 2014 at Event
Cinemas in Rockhampton – and is a great lead in to Mental Health Week.
CREATE is coming to Rockhampton.... to speak to young people aged 12-25 about what
they think about being in care, and how well they think the department in Rockhampton does
its job in looking after kids in care. For those aged 12-25 then come along on Thursday 2nd
October from 10 am – 1.30 pm, for a free lunch and a gift voucher. (Rockhampton Nth
Anglicare – 164 Musgrave St.) For more information contact Kelly or Che at CREATE on 3317
Depression the Pathway to Freedom Tuesday 7th October 2pm-4pm: Fitzroy Room,
Rockhampton Regional Library. RCC and NEWSTART Psychology and Counselling are
offering this FREE workshop on understanding and overcoming depression. RSVP 4936 8569
or email CommunityDevelopment@rrc.qld.gov.au
ASIST Workshop. 9th & 10th October 8.30am – 5pm. Rm 1 Community Health Building,
cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. Cost $150. Suicide First Aid. For more information please
contact 4920 5700
Black Dog Ball Saturday 11th October, Paradise Lagoons. Tickets $165pp – available on
www.blackdogball.com.au Cost included transport from Rockhampton. 2014 beneficiary is
the “ASIST” program.
YEPPOON: Buoyant Parenting: Centacare Yeppoon – 5/15 James St, Every Monday
from 13th October to 10th November 9.30am -12.00am. Cost of book $15.Assisting parents
to lead and guide their family like a skipper steers a ship through the rapids of life. Register at
registration@centacare.net or phone 1300 523 985. RSVP by October 6th.
Stress Management Wednesday 15 October: For more information or to register for training
please contact Sheree on 0408 276 383 or email ctn@homesupport.org.au
Youth Mental Health First Aid, 16th and 17th October, Room 3 Community Health
Building, Cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. 9am -5pm. Cost $100. 14 hr course over two
days, which teaches first aid skills in mental health crisis situations and early stages of mental
health problems including depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance abuse, eating disorders,
suicidal thoughts and behaviour, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attacks, aggression etc. For
registration forms and more information please contact Nicole Cooper on
Rockhampton Building Resilience in Children Tour 27th -30th October. Professional
Development, training for teachers, school presentations for students and parent
sessions. Pathways to Resilience Trust has received some funding from a generous
benefactor and will be touring to Rockhampton 27th – 30th October and will be offering an
array of professional development for educators, FRIENDS program facilitator training ,
school visits, student presentations and parent/community talks. Schools and organisations
are encouraged to join in for any or all of the events on offer. For more information please
go to http://www.pathwaystoresilience.org/rockhampton/. Booking information can also be
found on this site. You can also contact 07 3169 2400 or email
Teaching Children Online and Personal Safety Education. Allenstown State School
Library. October 29th 3.30pm
– 5.30pm.
FREE. To register please contact
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): 13th & 14th November: Community
Building, Room 1, Cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. 8.30am -5pm. Cost $150. For more
information, or registration forms, please contact Nicole.Cooper@health.qld.gov.au
The Silver Sessions- extending the boundaries of expertise in risk
assessment. Session 2 is on 13/11/14, 9.30am – 4pm. Brisbane. These advanced
workshops are designed for experienced child protection decision-makers and offer the
opportunity to come together to share expertise and examine emerging knowledge about risk
assessment and the challenges it raises for contemporary practice. Cost $220 per
workshop. To register go to www.efac.com.au/register.php or email enquiries@efac.com.au.
ASIST Workshop. 13th & 14th November 8.30am – 5pm. Rm 1 Community Health
Building, cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. Cost $150. Suicide First Aid. For more
information please contact 4920 5700
‘An Introduction To Working With Individuals Who Have Self-Destructive Behaviour’ 2
day workshop Rockhampton – 17th & 18th November 2014 Link to Rockhampton Training
Workshop Flyer ...
Youth Mental Health First Aid. 1st & 2nd December. 9am – 4.30pm. Rm 3 Community
Health Building, cnr Cambridge and Bolsover Sts. Cost $100. 14 hour course. Teaches
first aid skills for mental health crisis situations and early stages of mental health problems.
For more information please contact 4920 5700
Sandy Paton
Ph: 07 4939 4504
Mb: 0407 178 597