Buckeye Valley Middle School

Buckeye Valley Middle School
Common Core Math 7
2013-2014 Syllabus
Mrs. Amanda Conn
(740) 363-6626
Course Description:
Core Connections, Course 2 is the second of a three-year sequence of courses designed to prepare
students for a rigorous college preparatory algebra course. It uses a problem-based approach with
concrete models. The course helps students to develop multiple strategies to solve problems and to
recognize the connections between concepts. The lessons in the course meet all of the content standards
and embed the “Mathematical Practices” of the Common Core State Standards released in June 2010.
The course is structured around problems and investigations that build conceptual understanding of
these topics and an awareness of connections between different ideas. Students are encouraged to
investigate concepts, communicate their thinking and generalize.
Lessons are structured for students to collaborate actively by working in study teams. During class time,
students work in study teams on challenging problems that introduce new material. The teacher
provides guidance as needed and helps to consolidate topics.
The homework in the “Review & Preview” section of each lesson reinforces previously introduced skills
and concepts and prepares students for new ones. The homework problems also allow students to apply previouslylearned concepts and skills in new contexts and deepen their understanding by solving the same type of problem in
different ways.
Course Objectives:
In this course, students will be focusing primarily on eight mathematical practices as outlined by the Common Core
State Standards Curriculum. These practices are as follows:
 MAKING SENSE of problems and PERSEVERE
 USE appropriate tools strategically
in solving them
 ATTEND to precision
 REASON abstractly and quantitatively
 LOOK for and make use of structure
 CONSTRUCT viable arguments and critique the
 LOOK for and EXPRESS regularity in repeated
reasoning of others
 MODEL with mathematics
Course Outline *Timeframes are not set in stone
First Semester
 Chapter 1: Probability
 Chapter 2: Fractions and Integer Addition
 Chapter 3: Arithmetic Properties
 Chapter 4: Proportions and Expressions
 Chapter 5: Probability and Solving Word Problems
Second Semester
 Chapter 6: Solving Inequalities and Equations
 Chapter 7: Proportions and Percents
 Chapter 8: Statistics and Angle Relationships
 Chapter 9: Circles and Volume
Assessment Types
 Homework is designed to help you practice what is covered in class and improve your overall math skills. Homework
completion directly affects performance on quizzes and tests.
 Homework will be posted on the first day of the week. There is a daily assignment.
 Homework will be graded daily. Grades are based on effort and/or correctness.
 Partial credit will be given for partially complete work and late assignments.
 Participation grades will be given and will be assessed on the appropriate classroom norms: no talking outside your
assigned team, keep your conversations centered on math, explain and justify your ideas.
 Quizzes will be announced approximately three days (or more) ahead of time.
 Some quizzes may be given as a partner/team quiz. Each student will be responsible for his/her own quiz, students
however are encouraged to discuss and check answers with assigned partners before turning in the quiz.
 Tests will be announced approximately three days (or more) ahead of time.
 Tests will be completed individually.
 To study, review class work, homework, quizzes, notes & vocabulary. These should be organized in your binder. Visit
http://www.cpm.org/students/extraByCourseCC.htm for extra practice and review problems by chapter/strand.
 At the conclusion of the first semester there will be a comprehensive exam.
 At the end of the second semester, there will be another comprehensive exam over all of the material since the
beginning of the school year.
*Exam grades will be added to the appropriate quarters they are taken in (i.e. first semester = Q2 grade)
NOTE: Students are responsible to complete schoolwork from either excused or unexcused absences including
suspensions, vacations, illness, etc. During the term, the student has one day to make up work for each day of
absence. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for further details.
Grading Plan
In an effort to provide both students and parents with an accurate reflection of each student’s content knowledge, grades will be
based heavily upon tests and quizzes that have been created to identify mastery. While homework and participation will only
make-up a small percentage of the final grade, they are an essential strategy that each student must implement to master the
 Tests 50%
 Homework: 10%
 Quizzes 30%
 Participation: 10%
Student grades will be available to parents and students on Power School. Contact the front office to obtain your username and
Textbook Website:
Our textbook is called Core Connections, Course 2 . The publisher’s website is www.cpm.org. The website has student and
parent portals that can be accessed for free. The student portal gives students the ability to download resource pages for
assignments, offers skill builders with explanations of course topics and examples along with extra practice problems and their
answers as well. Students may also use this website for explanations of homework problems and videos that provide visual
My BVMS webpage:
To access my webpage go to http://www.buckeyevalley.k12.oh.us/ and search for my name in the staff directory.
Look for your class (CCMath7) page. You will be able to download extra copies of necessary handouts, check for
weekly homework assignments as well as upcoming quizzes and tests. This site will also contain helpful links for
further explanations and more information about the year.
About the Teacher
Hello! My name is Mrs. Conn. I will be your math teacher this year. This will be my thirteenth year teaching, thirteenth as a
Buckeye Valley Baron!  I look forward to meeting each one of you and learning about you throughout the entire school year.
As for me, I enjoy all sorts of activities! I love to cook, and spend time with my husband, Michael and 2 sons, Micah (6),
and Eli (2).
Now that I am your math teacher, I look forward to being a part of your mathematics experience. We will take journeys
through all sorts of different topics—geometry, algebra, number sense (they make sense trust me!), probability, data collection and
graphing…and so much more! Each one of you will excel differently in my class, and as a team, you will be great mathematicians
who can collectively work together to grow exponentially. LEARNING and GROWING are the most important goals for this year