11th Grade Physics Syllab


AP Physics

Syllabus and Procedures


The AP Physics course is like no other course you have taken before. It is extremely difficult, fast-paced and college-leveled. It is recommended that you have taken a year of Physics before attempting this class but it is not necessary. You will experience times of confusion, inadequacy, and frustration. It is significantly harder to get an A in this class compared to regular physics therefore taking this class may not improve your G.P.A. Think before you commit.

Plan to spend at least 30 minutes daily, six days a week outside of class time just to keep up.


Monday – Friday: 6:40 (before school)

Lunch: I am also available for additional tutoring during lunch if requested.

Saturday: I will be available at the Starbucks coffee shop located at the shopping center at

Gilbert and San Tan Freeway from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

You can also reach me via e-mail: monroe.watson@gilbertscholls.net

Lecture: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is designated to be a lecture day. During this time, I will be formally lecturing material as well as performing demonstrations. There will also be time devoted to discussion, videos, class work, and activities that support the unit that the class is currently on.

Homework: Homework will be not be assigned often but occasionally. There will be an opportunity to work on assignments during class. If the assignment is not completed in class, it is assigned as homework. However, I must make this as clear as possible. The student is expected to read the material in the textbook as well as practice additional problems from the text. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to discuss all of the answers in class however, I will offer to show the class how to answer a few if it is student initiated. I will also be available to any student who desires further explanation or additional help.

Laboratories: Every Thursday and Friday will be devoted to laboratory experiments. It is critical for you to attend. You may make-up the lab if your absence was school related. The format for the laboratory write-up will be covered at a later date. The lowest laboratory score will be dropped.

Composition Notebooks:

A composition notebook is required for this class. A composition notebook is an artifact of this class. Everything you do that is related to this class must be kept in your composition notebook

(i.e. notes, lab data, class work, etc...) Periodically, I will collect composition notebooks and inspect your work. I will randomly check information relevant to your success in this class such as notes taken, class practice problems, lab data, and so forth.


AP Physics

Syllabus and Procedures

AP Brief Exams: At the end of each chapter, there will be a comprehensive cumulative chapter examination consisting of two parts: multiple choice and free response. During the examination the student will not be allowed to use any notes, materials, or textbooks. The exam will be timed

(1 minute and 36 seconds per multiple choice; 18 minutes per free-response) A calculator will be permitted during the free response portion only. The lowest exam score will be dropped.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be at least 10 assigned and consist of a variety of assessments including multiple choice, free response, calculations, or essay. They will be cumulative and brief.

Calculators will be allowed. The lowest two scores will be dropped.

Grades and Grading:

The final semester grade will be determined by a weighted average. The percentages will be as followed:


AP Brief Exams:



Final Exam:





20 %

The final grades will not be curved and there is no extra credit provided.

The breakdown for grades are as followed:


90% to 100%

80% to 89%

70% to 79%

60% to 69%

0% to 59%







At the conclusion of the year, if the student is not happy with their grades there is one way they can recover them. I will guarantee the student will receive a B for both semesters if the student passes the A.P. Physics exam with a score of 3. The student will receive an A for both semesters if the student passes the A.P. Physics exam with a score of 4 or 5.


AP Physics

Acknowledgement Form

NAME (please print)____________________________ , ______________________________


OVERALL GPA (as of the spring of 2015) ____________________


GPA IN MATH AND SCIENCE CLASSES ONLY (as of the spring 2015)_______________

Have you taken any other AP classes before? If so, list them and provide the grades you received for both semesters as well as the score you received on the AP exam.

Name of AP class 1 st semester grade 2 nd semester grade AP exam score

Why are you taking to take AP Physics? _____________________________________________

What major do you plan to pursue in college? _________________________________________

List the three top colleges you plan to apply for:









I will come to class on time, focused, and prepared daily.__________________________


I will study Physics a minimum of 30 minutes daily, six days a week or enough to get an

A, whichever is least.___________________________________


If I am not getting the grade I expect or am struggling in this class, I will meet with Mr.

Watson before school, during lunch, or on Saturdays to get extra help.



I am emotionally capable of getting a C._______________________________________


I will read each assigned chapter at least once. Twice or three times as needed.



I will complete a minimum of 20 practice questions and 20 practice problems at the end of each chapter outside of class time.________________________________________

Student’s signature to acknowledge that they have carefully read and understand this document: