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DATE: April 12, 2012
Moberly Area Community College
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Health and Hygiene
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Catalog Description: HSC 120 Health and Hygiene
(2 or 3-0-2 or 3)
Health and Hygiene is a study of personal health issues with the goal of developing decision
making skills. An emphasis is placed on health behavior and health decision making dealing
with consumer choices, personal habit choices, sexual choices, and chemical choices.
Prerequisite: None
Text Hahn/Payne, Focus on Health, 11th Edition, McGraw Hill Publisher, ISBN: 9780-07-352973-8.
Other Required Materials:
Purpose of Course: This course will develop an understanding of individual behavior and
habits and how they affect, positively and negatively, their health.
Course Objective:
Shaping Your Health
The Mind
Achieving emotional maturity
Managing stress
The Body
Becoming Physically fit
Understanding nutrition and your diet
Maintaining a healthy weight
Addictive Substances
Choosing a drug-free lifestyle
Taking control of alcohol use
Rejecting tabacco use
Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease
Living with cancer and chronic conditions
Preventing infectious diseases
Understanding sexuality
Managing your fertility
Consumerism and Environment
Making consumer and health care choices
Protecting your safety
Controlling environmental influences
The Life Cycle
Accepting dying and death
Statement to Connect Course with Technical Program Outcome Statement:
In compliance with MACC’s General Education outcomes, the student who successfully
completes this course will be able to:
I. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication;
Assessment of Student Learning:
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59-below F
Instructor Policies
Attendance Requirements:
Any student who misses two consecutive weeks of class during a regular sixteen-week semester or
the equivalent proportion of class time during a shorter session will be dropped from the class by the
instructor unless acceptable justification is supplied. Additionally, any student who misses more than
one-fourth of the entire number of in-seat class meetings in a regular 16-week semester or the
equivalent proportion of class time during a shorter session, may be dropped from that class by the
instructor if, in the opinion of the instructor, the student does not have reasonable opportunity to
succeed in the class. A student’s attendance rate will be calculated based upon the first day of
the semester (not the student’s date of enrollment in the course).
Student attendance must be defined in a different manner for online, hybrid, and virtual courses.
Student attendance in these courses is defined as active participation in the course. Online, hybrid,
and virtual courses will, at a minimum, have weekly mechanisms for student participation, such as
any or all of the following methods:
a. Completion of quizzes or exams
b. Submission of assignments
c. Participation in threaded discussions
d. Communication with the instructor
A student who does not participate in an online, hybrid, or virtual course for two consecutive weeks
will be dropped by the instructor unless acceptable justification is supplied. As with ground courses,
a student’s attendance rate in online courses will also be calculated based upon the first day of
the semester. If a student does not demonstrate active participation in the online course within
the first two weeks (or the equivalent proportion of class time during a short session), the
student will be dropped as “never attended.” Simply logging into an online class does not
constitute active participation.
Students should be aware that their dropping a course and their last date of attendance in the
course may impact their financial aid.
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class.
Make-up and late work:
No make-up work or late work will be accepted unless previously approved.
Schedule of Student Assignment and Activities:
Description of Major Assignments
Class participation 25%
Weekly test 25%
Quizzes – anytime – 10 points
Paper 10-15 content pages typed. Must be on a health related topic – 100
points 25%
Midterm and Final 25%
Americans with Disabilities ACT Statement
Students who have disabilities that qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act may
register for assistance through the Office of Access and ADA Services. Students are invited to
contact the Access/ADA Office to confidentially discuss disability information, academic
accommodations, appropriate documentation and procedures. The Office of Access and ADA
Services is located in the Main Library and the phone number is (660) 263-4110 ext. 11240.
Students may also contact the Columbia office at (573) 234-1067 ext. 12120.