Sample: Planning for Quality Management System Design
Juran helps organizations design quality into their management systems through GAP
Analysis reports and recommendations based on the report findings. A GAP Assessment
is an in-depth analysis of costs of poor quality and improvement opportunities,
effectiveness of key business process performance, and the maturity and effectiveness of
existing quality management systems. It provides an evaluation and analysis of the
organization’s relative strengths and deficiencies. It is generally first completed in the
Decide Phase and updated in the Sustain Phase.
A. Planning
The team provides an update from the Executive team and other key management
personnel on any changes to the business direction or new issues that have come about
since the completion and presentation of the first GAP Analysis.
It is generally a two-day activity. The first half day occurs in a meeting with the
Executive team and the consultant team. After this meeting, next steps will be
documented and a detailed work plan will be created. The plan to start the work will be
created around the deliverables A through I.
B. Facilitation of Senior Leadership Decisions
The next step is to facilitate two full-day meetings scheduled about four weeks apart, to
drive organizational consensus on the following decisions required to create the design of
the Quality Management System.
1. The structure, composition, and responsibilities of the oversight committee
2. The key business processes, key business process owners (who also will serve as
committee chairs), and responsibilities of the key business process councils
3. The definition of the role of the service lines in the overall structure of the QMS,
the oversight committee, and the key business process councils
This is what is needed to facilitate these sessions:
Explain QMS and how to create one. This will involve a discussion of QMS
standards like the Juran Management System, the Juran CORE model, the
Baldrige model, required quality standards that must be included in the design, IT
standards that could help them like CMMi or others, and the Juran Enterprise
Assurance model.
Recommend and gain agreement on core elements for the QMS. This would
include implementing the recommended elements from our GAP Assessment like
DMAIC, DMADV, Quality Control, Strategic Quality Deployment Process,
Business Process Management etc. Create a matrix of recognized quality
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standards just to show which standards include which elements, and where they
have gaps.
Recommend and gain agreement on core quality processes that support the above
elements like a quality project pipeline process, and other such processes that
have to be designed within the core elements so they can work effectively.
C. Facilitation of Juran’s Stop Doing Exercise
Juran is suggesting that this exercise be completed in between the two meetings described
above. The purpose of the exercise will be to identify non-value added initiatives,
projects, committees, meetings, task forces, and tasks that could be stopped or postponed
to allow a redirection of resources to important value-adding initiatives.
Planning will be part of the detailed rollout and will be explained in the first of the twoday meetings described above.
D. Development of Committee Charters
Executive management may need assistance in developing the Key Business Process and
Oversight Committee charters. Use a charter template.
Key Process Infrastructure recommendations are found in the GAP Analysis. Use this
input for understanding the reporting structure and structure of responsibilities.
Finalization of this structure will be accomplished in the activities associated with
deliverable B above.
E. Training Members of the Various Committees
1. A two day Champion course for Executives
2. A three day Business Process Management course for the key members of the
Business Process Management teams.
These should teach core quality management principles, along with the design of the
QMS, how the system works, and how management of the business process is to be
carried out.
F. Facilitation of the Key Business Process Councils to Identify the KPIs
Conduct on-site meetings with the various key process councils to develop the macro and
micro level key performance indicators that will be part of the control plans for each
process and related sub processes.
Some theory will need to be explained and work should be done to develop the measures.
A plan for the specific steps for conducting this work and a timeline for completion
should be developed.
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G. Establishment of Data Reporting Requirements Oversight Committee and Key
Business Process Councils
Define how to carry out the work stream. The task is to work with the Decision Support
Department and other data reporting departments to ensure integrity, timeliness, and
consistency of reports that are to be provided to the various business process
H. Coaching of the Oversight Committee and Key Business Process Councils/Teams
It is helpful to have a partner consultant attend meetings of the various business process
councils and oversight committees for 6 months to ensure meetings are running
effectively, there is adherence to team charters, and that the processes are being run and
managed to positively affect the business.
Create the meeting schedules for all councils and committees and then plan to attend
these. Conduct a workshop on the key elements for planning and conducting effective
meetings. Create core agenda items that must be covered at all meetings.
I. Integration of the Quality Management System Into the Strategic Planning
Work with the strategic function to create the process which links strategic planning to
the QMS. Set up a specific series of meetings with Executives to review the
recommended approach and assist in documenting the revisions to the strategic planning
process. The GAP Assessment report contains recommendations on the concept of the
flow-down approach. Develop the QMS project nomination process for input to the
revised strategic planning process. Create a detailed project plan to address this work
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