A process control plan or matrix summarizes the plan of action for an

Process Control Plan
A process control plan or matrix summarizes the plan of action for an out-of-control
process. Its purpose is to document the actions necessary to bring the process back into
A process control matrix tracks the feedback loop made up of multiple process control
features for each control subject. Some important aspects of the process control matrix is
the assigned employee for an out-of-control process, the assigned method to determine
when it is out-of-control, and what to do to get it back into control.
In this matrix, the horizontal rows are the various process control subjects that, in this
case, include the specific process feature and process feature goal. However, they may
also include product features and goals, dominant variables, or any other factor that can
affect the process. The vertical columns consist of elements of the feedback loop plus
additional information needed by the operating forces to exercise process control in order
to meet the product goals.
To complete the matrix, take the following steps:
1. Identify variables that affect the remedy and the customer directly or indirectly.
2. Establish the standard that will trigger action. The best standard is a control limit
from a control chart because it is achievable.
3. Establish how each control variable will be measured. Enter this information on
the same line as the control variable under the column “How measured.” Make
similar entries for each of the following steps.
4. Establish where and when the measurements will be made and how they will be
recorded, including the type of control chart.
5. Decide who will analyze the ongoing measurement—that is, who will determine
that the process is out of control.
6. Decide who will act to diagnose and eliminate the assignable cause for the out-ofcontrol condition.
7. Decide what steps can be taken to bring the process back into control. While it
may not be possible to foresee all problems, identifying specific actions ahead of
time will make control much more effective.
8. Review the matrix to verify that:
a. All critical control variables have been identified
b. The control plan will bring the process back into control quickly
c. The control plan makes maximum use of self-control
Process control matrices should be reviewed using the following questions:
 Are all critical features of the process and its products measured with at least one
control variable?
 Will the proposed plan for each control variable ensure that control is regained
 Does the control plan make maximum use of the principles of self-control?
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