Setting up Outlook Live in MS Outlook using POP3

Setting up Outlook Live in MS Outlook using POP3 If you have an existing account and want to add your @miners account to Outlook: For new accounts: 1. Open Outlook 2. Create New Profile 1. Open Outlook 2. Go to File and Add Account •
Choose Manually Configure Settings 3. Type in your information •
Click Next Your Name •
Your email address ( •
Password •
Your Name •
Retype Password •
Your email address ( •
For Account Type Choose POP# •
Incoming Server and Outgoing Server are •
Username is complete email address ( •
Password 4. Click Next 5. Finish 3. Select Internet Email for POP accounts •
4. Type in requested information Click Next 5. Select More Settings 6. Go to Outgoing Server tab 7. Select •
My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication and •
Use same settings on my incoming server 8. Go the Advanced tab •
Incoming port is 995 •
Checkmark Server requires and encrypted connection (SSL) •
Outgoing port is 587 •
Select Auto for the encrypted connection •
Check Leave a copy of messages on the server 9. Click Next 10. Close 11. Finish