Logging Into Moodle - Oakland University

Logging Into Moodle 1. Open your web browser. Be sure your chosen web browser is up to date. 2. Type in ​
in the address bar. 3.
Type in your ​
NetID Username​
, which is the first part of your Oakland e­mail address. Type in your ​
NetID Password​
, which is your e­mail password. Click on the ​
Log in​
button to enter your Dashboard page. There may be important messages from e­LIS at the top of your Moodle’s home page. ○ NOTE​
: If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on ​
Forgotten your username or password?​
below the login form. Click on ​
Continue to Change/Reset/Obtain Password​
and follow the few simple steps. 7. Find your enrolled courses in the middle of the Dashboard page. You may show or hide past semesters by clicking on the ​
icon next to the semester. 8. Enter a course by clicking the desired course title. Updated Dec. 18, 2015
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