Remember Ancient Rome

Remember­ Ancient Rome 1. Etruscan kings ruled early Romans. In 509 BC they revolted and set up a republic. 2. During the republic, the government was made of 2 consuls, a senate and assemblies 3. Romans put their laws down in the 12 tables, which established equality under the law 4. The plebeians (common people) created tribunes to protect their rights 5. The Gracchus brothers attempted to make land reforms for the poor. They were both assassinated. 6. The Punic Wars were a series of wars against Carthage (North Africa) to gain control of the Mediterranean Sea by the 3 rd war, Rome was completely destroyed 7. Rome’s expansion led to an economy based on slave labor and a widening gap between rich and poor. 8. Rome was greatly influenced by Greece, especially in architecture, sculpture (Greco­roman culture) 9. Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus formed the first triumvirate. This competition led to civil war. 10. Julius Caesar was murdered by Senators who believed he was too powerful. 11. Octavian fought against Marc Antony to become Augustus­ the first emperor 12. Beginning with Augustus Rome entered 200 years of peace: Pax Romana 13. Rome’s decline was caused by political, economic, military, and social problems­ government was corrupt, high taxes, army was using mercenaries (hired soldiers) 14. Diocletian divided the empire into 2 halves. Constantine made Constantinople the capital of the Eastern Empire. 15. Christians were persecuted because they didn’t worship the emperor. 16. Constantine made Christianity legal by issuing the Edict of Milan.