Rome Definitions

Rome Definitions
Mark Antony
Mark Antony was a close ally of Julius Caesar, Part of Second Triumvirate after Caesar is
murdered in _____ BCE , he had the Roman mob behind him, he then forms an alliance
with Egypt, which alienates him from Rome. He commits suicide in ____ BCE.
He is significant because he establishes Egypt as a Roman colony, was part of Julius
Caesar demise which ended the republic, his story is known as one of the great love
stories, he becomes a cultural figure of ancient times used by many artists.
Virgil is a Roman poet during Augustus/Octavian‘s reign, and he wrote works such as the
Aeneid. He is significant because he demonstrated the struggles and achievement of
Rome. He produced propaganda for showing Augustus as a great leader, another source
of inforamation for Rome.
Pax Romana
Pax Romana is a peaceful time in Rome from 31BCE-14CE during Augustus’s reign. A
time where roman civilization developed, and political and social reforms
The Apennines are a range of mountains, offering protection to Rome.