Julius vs. Augustus


Julius Caesar vs. Augustus

Who do you think had a greater impact on Rome?

Julius Caesar Augustus Caesar

Julius Caesar

• Born into a patrician family • Senate leader • Served as a commander in the army • Military governor of Gaul • Joined forces with Cleopatra to overthrow her brother in return for $ • Rebelled against Rome and took total control

Reforms Made to Rome



Changed the way people measured time –basis for our calendar today Gave land to his soldiers 3.



Gave free grain to the poor Increased the number of people who could serve in the Senate Granted Roman citizenship to many people not born in Rome

Beware the Ides of March… March 15 th 44 B.C.

Senators killed Julius Caesar for ruling as a dictator and destroying Roman traditions.

Augustus Caesar

• Julius Caesar’s grand-nephew • Name was Octavian but was changed to mean “honored one” • Defeated some of Rome’s most experienced generals during the 14 year civil war • His rule began the Pax Romana (a period of Roman peace which lasted for almost 200 years)

Reforms made to Rome

• Augustus created a single system of government and money • He was fair and did not declare himself dictator • He ordered marble temples, theaters, public baths, and stadiums to be built in the Forum • New waterways were built called aqueducts • Police and fire protection • Taxes were used to improve the city and a census was ordered every five years to keep track of who paid and who didn’t

Who do you think had a greater impact on Rome…

Julius Caesar or Augustus?

***Be sure to explain your answer using specific facts/examples from the notes.