Roman Revolution: the Gracchi and the Warlords

World History
Ch. 5: The World of Rome
Roman Revolution
Answer the following questions, in complete sentences, using your notes (as relevant) and the section “The Late Republic” in Chapter 5, Section 2 of the
text (p. 109-112).
1. How did Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus attempt to deal with the economic problems facing Rome in the 2nd
century b.c.?
2. How did the patrician senators respond to the reforms of the Gracchi? Why is this so signficant?
3. How did Gaius Marius try to solve Rome’s economic problems? How did his actions lead to a major political
and military change?
4. What did Sulla’s reign as dictator show about the republican government in Rome?
5. How did Julius Caesar gain political power in Rome?
6. What reforms did Caesar institute when he took control? Why did he make these reforms?
7. How did Octavian gain political power in Rome?