Julius Caesar Obituary - Garnet Valley School District

Julius Caesar Scrapbook Obituary
Imagine you are a journalist/historian from Ancient Rome.
You have been selected to create a scrapbook obituary of
Julius Caesar using Google Docs. In Ancient Rome
obituaries were handwritten and posted on public buildings.
The obituary should contain the following elements:
 Headline announcing his death (5 points)
 Introduction to the story: announcement of the death
and its cause; statement about whether the death was
expected or not at this time (10 points)
 Indication of who is expected to succeed the dead
leader – and why ( 5 points)
 General statements about the leaders accomplishments
and contributions – and prediction if how history will
treat the leader (40 points)
 Information about the personal life of the leader: family,
friends, interests (10 points)
 Direct or indirect quotations about the leader from other
people. (10 points)
 Pictures representing Caesar and Ancient Rome. (10
 Bibliography page in MLA format (10 points)