Top Seven Never-Used Advertising Slogans of 2011

Top Seven Never-Used Advertising Slogans of 2011
The following advertising slogans were never used in 2011. If they were proposed by
anyone, they would have been immediately rejected by everyone. I submit them here
for your further disapproval.
Political repression have you feeling stale?
Embrace Arab Spring, a new fragrance by Calvin Klein.
Lost faith in the European and US economies?
Japan: Economic stability come hell or high water.
La Capanne Language School of Hard Knox ...
where learning Italian is easy when you do hard time.
Abbottabad: When you just need to get away from it all.
New Balance: Always on the Jobs.
Metro: Let us take you for a ride.
Confused about investing?
Trust Wall Street, where we're never too occupied to take your money.
Happy New Year from Ingrid Anders!
(Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined that Continuing on to
2012 Without a Helmet May be Hazardous to Your Health.)