Print Media

Bell work / Introduction
Whiteboard Slates “Predict”: What is a
 Explain your definition of a slogan, why a
company or product would have one and
even give a few examples of common
“slogans” you have heard and the product
they relate to.
Marketing: Promotions,
Slogans & Print Media
The Marketing Concept Continues!
Lesson Objective
The students will evaluate
promotions, slogans and
print media
6 Types of Print Media
1. Newspaper
Sales Promotion
2. Magazine Advertising
Visual Merchandising 3. Direct Mail
4. Outdoor Advertising
5. Transit Advertising
6. Broadcast Media
7. Internet
Are you taking KIM CHART
NOTES? You should be!
Promotion any form of communication a
business or organization uses to inform,
persuade, or remind people about its
products or improve the public image.
Advertising is any paid form of non-personal
promotion of ideas, goods, or services
Sales Promotion
The objective is to increase sales, to
inform customers about new
products and to create a positive
store or corporate image.
Quick Write/Whiteboard Slates:
•In one minute, write down all of
the products advertised before,
during or after the game.
We all know about
the Super Bowl!
Super Bowl History 2011
Thirty-second spots during Super Bowl XLV
were sold for $2.8 to $3 million.
Neilsen Ratings (Super Bowl XLV FOX, Feb. 6, 2011 )
Average audience of 111 million viewers
Breaking the record, for the most watched television
program of all time.
Viewed in 53.3 million households
How do you promote products?
Visual Merchandising - coordination of all of
the physical elements in a place of business
The right image is one that invites interest,
encourages purchasing, and makes the
customer feel good about where he or she is
doing business.
Display - the visual and
artistic aspects of
presenting a product
Just Do It!
Do you know
what company
these are from?
Slogan - a catch phrase or small group of
words that are combined in a special way
to create a distinct image for the company.
Signature – A logo is the distinctive
identification for a business.
 A well-designed signature gets instant
recognition for a business.
 It may include the name of the business,
the symbol and slogan.
The Nike "Swoosh"
A design created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design
student at Portland State University for BRS who was creating a
new line of athletic footwear
She charged $2 per hour and submitted a bill for $35 for her
The logo represents the wing of the Greek Goddess "Nike," the
goddess of victory
It was printed in orange over the outline of a checkmark, the
sign of a positive mark.
It has been used on sports shoes since the 1970s, this
checkmark is now so recognizable that the company name itself
is unknown.
In 1983, BRS gave Davidson a gold Swoosh ring and an
envelope filled with Nike stock to express their gratitude.
The solid corporate logo design check was registered as a
trademark in 1995.
7 Types of Print Media
“Old School”
Newspaper –The cost of newspaper
advertising is relatively low, but it is
distributed to a larger area than the target
Magazine Advertising – Appeals to
people with a particular interest and is
often read more slowly
Direct Mail – Newsletters, catalogs,
coupons, samplers, price lists, circulars,
These can be included with monthly bills or sent to
specific areas.
Print Media “Get Out!”
4. Outdoor Advertising
Non-standardized used at their place of
business or available for rent or purchase.
Billboards - signs may be the foundation of any
successful Out-of-Home media campaign, because
their size offers an impact equal to no other
advertising media.
Digital - Offer both static and full-motion media
Mall - Includes Backlit Kiosks, Specialty Mall
Media and Digital Networks
Street Furniture - Street Furniture Out-ofHome media has the advantage of reaching
pedestrians and vehicular traffic
(Street Furniture inventory types include Bus
Shelters, Benches and Digital LCD Panels)
Specialty - Various iconic locations, special
packages, digital options and other unique
campaign additives.
Sports Media – College and professional sports
Print Media “Riding!”
5. Transit Advertising – Printed
posters on trains, planes, taxis,
buses or in terminals.
Print Media “Get Technical!”
Broadcast Media -Includes radio and television.
In fact, people are more likely to believe the
information they get from TV than from print media.
higher costs
7. Internet – Includes websites, pop
ups, side bars, viral videos, social
media etc.
Have you watched viral
videos online?
Graphic Organizer
1. Use Google to find the
slogan and signature for
each company.
2. Write down the slogan
and do your best to
draw the signature.
3. What types of print
media does the
company use? If they
use all 7, write ALL.
(Use your best guess)