Task/Objective: Handling No Shows Standard: All no show charges

Task/Objective: Handling No Shows
All no show charges will be administered in line with this policy, striking a balance between the fair and
equitable treatment of our prospective guests and the hotels need to secure revenues in busy times.
1. Any Non-Guaranteed reservations will be held until the cut off time, (Hotel to insert) after which time
they may be released and the no show guest may be charged.
2. In an overbooked situation, it’s important to release any non-guaranteed reservations after the cut-off
3. After the cut off time, unblock a blocked room for a non-guaranteed reservation if a guaranteed guest
needs it.
4. Ensure that guaranteed reservations have full credit card information on file, or are otherwise
guaranteed with a method accepted by the hotel.
5. Run a final check for duplicate reservations.
6. To process a no-show, indicate the registration card as such, and run the credit card on file for a night’s
room and tax as agreed upon in the reservation agreement.
7. If the guest is booked in for subsequent nights, try to contact the guest to verify if they are still intending
to stay at the hotel. Record the contact efforts in the Front Office diary and on the Reservation in the
8. A full record of the charge will be maintained in the guest’s folio.
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