AvayaLive™ Engage
(formerly Avaya web.alive)
Collaboration Solution for the Enterprise
What if you could meet with co-workers customers and
suppliers “face to face”, anytime – no matter where they live or
work – without the hassles and costs of travel, without the
expense or resources required for videoconferencing, and
with capabilities beyond traditional voice and online
communications. An online meeting space that is revolutionizing
remote meetings, online sales and distance learning,
AvayaLive™ Engage, offers that capability now. It enables you
to move fluidly in an immersive 3D environment, from individual,
to small group, to large group conversations. It removes the
barriers to effective interaction and allows face-to-face
meetings from the comfort of your office, home or
anywhereyou have an Internet connection.
Many businesses today are trying to
AvayaLive™ Engage changes the way
reduce office overhead and reign in
people interact.
travel expenses by increasing the
percentage of telecommuting. Yet
critical for effective meetings where
Immersive. Intelligent.
participation really matters. Traditional
With existing 2D conference
voice-only conference calls are
technologies, you can miss important
ubiquitous, and chat and social media
nuances, such as body language, vocal
are increasingly pervasive. However,
inflections and movements outside your
they still are no substitute for in-person
periphery. Document sharing, slide
meetings. In a digital, global economy
presentations and video feeds can be a
where businesses operate across vast
challenge as well.
face-to-face interaction can be
distances and many locations, shouldn’t
there be a simpler, less expensive way
for people to collaborate effectively?
Now there is.
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Behind its realistic graphics, video,
clear audio and interactive
capabilities, AvayaLive Engage
offers practical tools to support the
business end of communications.
Sophisticated analytics help you
monitor and measure usage across
your organization and track a range
of key business metrics, including
collaboration volume and
effectiveness, travel cost avoidance,
sales, advertising reach, and
brand recognition.
Everything about
is inviting and
including the
low barrier
to entry.
All you need
to start using
is an Internet
AvayaLive™ Engage doesn’t suffer
Designed to be intuitive and
these limitations. Based on proven,
user-friendly, AvayaLive Engage
immersive 3D graphics, video and
still meets security and privacy
spatial audio technologies and
requirements. As a Web-based tool,
recent innovations in unified
it easily integrates with your existing
communications, this ground-
Web pages, Web applications and
breaking combination of
real-time communications. It also
technologies — delivered in a Web
supports integration with your
environment — makes AvayaLive
enterprise or Web security solutions,
as well as enterprise voice solutions.
Rich, 3D graphics, video and audio
Meet. Sell. Learn.
are highly engaging for participants
With AvayaLive Engage,
and help you establish cognitive
collaboration takes place in a realistic
and social presence. Liven up your
environment, easily creating more
slide presentations and other media
interest and “stickiness” than an
via AvayaLive Engage. Look your
impersonal voice-only call or 2D
audience in the eye and judge their
online interaction. Feature-rich, it
level of interest and participation as if
gives participants countless tools
they were in the room with you.
to enhance the collaboration
experience. Consider some of the
creative ways Avaya and our
customers are applying AvayaLive
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Group meetings
A global technology company uses
AvayaLive Engage™ to conduct
employee meetings and customer
events. Whether gathering key
people from around the world
to brainstorm new product ideas or
inviting valued customers to try new
technology capabilities, the company
has found AvayaLive Engage to be a
natural fit. Each event is branded
under the company’s identity, and
meeting spaces are customized to
look much like its own environment.
Collaboration tools allow participants
Customer support
to actively engage in the meeting, and
Avaya and a major international
the video and 3D spatial audio make
financial services firm have found
the experience more realistic and
a common ground by leveraging
natural, while at the same time
AvayaLive Engage for customer
serving up the benefit of
support activities. They encourage
huge cost savings.
customers to attend regularly
scheduled and informative
Sales calls and events
“how-to” sessions, make special
“The flexibility of the
AvayaLive Engage application
provides the university with a
tool to train faculty and advise
students and simplifies
schedules and logistics while
simultaneously reducing our
carbon footprint.”
Leading state university
rooms and professionals available
A global maker of PCs has actively
integrated AvayaLive Engage into its
sales process, using it for direct online
sales, product launches and other
special customer events, and even
for one-on-one consultations with
customers. In addition to increase
efficiency of its sales force —
salespeople can “meet” far more
customers in a day using AvayaLive
Engage than would be possible
through in-person meetings —
the company has measured
substantial increases in
the time AvayaLive Engage based
shoppers spend on its site.
for troubleshooting, and
host community support meetings
in which a variety of customers can
share knowledge and experiences.
This approach reduces call volumes
for contact centers, lowers the
cost of one-on-one support and
improves customer relations through
customer involvement in solving
product issues.
“The personal element of a
AvayaLive Engage, when
properly managed by those
hosting meetings and training,
adds significant benefit to
remote interactions. The sense
of presence and personality
may help remote participants
feel more a part of a meeting or
class, and less alienated. The
AvayaLive Engage experience
also provides for more intimate
interaction between people and
groups of people than standard
web conferencing.”
Wainhouse Research
“Distance Education &
e-Learning Practice” 2011
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In addition to customer support,
the companies mentioned
above — along with a prominent
U.S. government agency — use
AvayaLive™ Engage for
employee on-boarding, skills
training, and coaching and
mentoring. Their HR and
training departments have
dramatically reduced costs
and increased the quality of
program delivery associated
with these activities while
receiving favorable responses
from employees. This is
especially important at a time
when so many companies are
employing mobile workers who
telecommute or travel extensively.
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