Education level: Typically requires 3

Languages required: English, Portuguese ( helpful, not required)
Education level: Bachelor’s degree
Desired Experience in discipline: Typically requires 3 - 6 years technical experience
Required: Project Management, Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Problem
Solving, Teamwork, Accountability, Technical Expertise, Negotiation, Organizational
knowledge, Process/Systems, Services/Products, Customer Service Process,
Microsoft Office Suite.
Trainable: Systems or Application knowledge: SAP, Avaya Solution Designer,
SAFEPORT, Siebel, Maestro
The Regional Lab Managers’ position has overall responsibility within their specified
region for the effective operation of the equipment labs used by the technical service
personnel within GSS. The Regional Lab Manager (RLM) should work with the local
Lab Managers/Contacts and/or the Lab Configuration Owner to achieve this goal.
Provides support for Remote Access (SAFEPORT, SSG, ART & Maestro), Virtual Lab
Environment, and ongoing Lab Moves & Consolidations. Oversees Maintenance
Replacements, Inventory Management, Software Procurement, Network Management,
Virus protection, Maintenance Outages and ensures EH&S and ISO compliance in the
lab environment for their region. Also, a key part of the role is to provide Configuration
& Pricing Support (ASD & SAP), Act as a gatekeeper ensuring the requestor actually
requires the new equipment, Validate with the local Lab Contact / Lab Configuration
Owner there is lab space, racks & power, etc…
May interact with senior management regarding discreet and confidential
communications and problem-solving techniques; Work with limited guidance on
projects within defined criteria and is to provide solutions to a diverse range of
moderately complex problems.
Typically requires 3 - 6 years technical experience and a Bachelor’s degree or
equivalent experience. Avaya Certification is desired.
Familiarity with business and financial management, contracting principles, strategic
planning and experience with the latest Avaya products and services is highly
CM, MM, Audix, Cajun, etc. Virtualization, Extreme & Cisco Networks experience a
plus. Knowledge of 3rd party products is useful.
Must be PC literate on the latest Microsoft applications & Linux.
Please send your resume to: