Speech Example Question: Many older people don't use computers

Speech Example
Many older people don’t use computers or the Internet because they are afraid of modern
technology or don’t see how it can be of benefit to them.
You have been asked to give a talk to a group of older people to persuade them to use
computers and the Internet. Write your speech.
Hello, and welcome to my presentation about the internet. The internet is without doubt the most
useful invention since” sliced bread”. There is nothing it can’t do, from contacting your old school
friends who may now live at the other side of the world, to ordering your weekly shop from Tesco’s
– it’s life without limits. O.K so I’ll start by talking to you about the wide variety of social networking
sites but the ones I would like to recommend you stick to are:
Facebook is a simple and easy way of contacting your friends or family who may live at the other
side of the world. If you are not yet on Facebook there is nothing I can say other than you are
majorly missing out! MySpace is a site for all you music lovers out there. You can share all your
favourite songs with all of your friends and family, and even make a playlist for them to listen to.
MySpace is probably the most tricky to understand due to its layout, it is definitely worth signing up
once you know what to do. Twitter is probably my favourite of the three sites as it has a wide variety
to offer the users, for example it has a news page to keep you up to date with current news affairs
around the world, you are also follow your favourite celebrities and keep in touch with all your
friends and family - it is basically everything you need in one site. Next I’ll talk to you about the
advantages of shopping online. Not only are there millions of different websites where you can
purchase anything and everything you can think of, from your groceries to a brand new car. The
advantage of on line shopping is that all products can be delivered straight to your door step. This
prevents you having to walk down to the shops in the heart of winter over the icy pavements and
being caught in rainy downpours. It is also possible to order your repeat drug prescriptions on line
and check how the drugs work with each other. You can book hospital appointments on line and
check travel timetables such as bus and train times. If you are unable to get out to the bank you can
manage your finances on line and if you have any spare cash can transfer this to your
grandchildren’s account!! It’s important for you to understand that the internet has safety issues
that need addressing. There are many viruses, cookies and sites that try to scam you to allow them
to take money from you. It’s very important that parents and children are aware of this. Internet
security can be purchased from as little as £20. This is then installed onto the computer or device to
protect both children and adults. Thank you for your time. Feel free to ask any questions.