What is social medi

What is social media?
The way we use the Internet has changed. We, the traditional consumers of information
on the web have become publishers of content. People of all ages have are beginning to
see the opportunities this mode of communication can offer, spending hours surfing the
new wave of content-sharing websites like Flickr (photo sharing) Youtube (video
sharing) and Facebook (a social network). One of the most famous, MySpace has over
100million account which shows us how easy this technology is to use. Very easily, we
can upload audio, video, pictures and text onto our own websites or onto a social
network like MySpace.
What is social media?
The internet has changed in many different ways since it was set up. Before it was the
experts of the computer world who would provide the information on the Internet but
now, we as consumers (people who use the internet) can provide information.
The Internet is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old –
everyone can enjoy using their computers.
“Content-sharing” websites means you can share content (information) with pages like
“Flickr” – this is a website where you can share your photographs or view other people’s
Youtube is a video sharing website where you can view video clips or put your own
video clips you have filmed yourself.
Facebook and MySpace are websites where you can write about yourself, you can share
videos, photographs or audio (sound clips) or write blogs (stories).
MySpace and Facebook are known as “Social Networks” as you can share information
with your friends, families or colleagues – you can view their page and they can view
yours. Over 100 Million people use MySpace which shows that the way we use the
internet has changed and how easy the technology is to use.