Social Media: New Marketing Tools
Social Media: “Social media is the use of web-based and mobile
technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.”
via: Wikipedia
It’s an online conversation!
Subscribe & Publish
Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube
All driven by RSS feeds - simple mechanism that’s built in
These allow people to subscribe, follow, friend and connect.
Social Networking Site Usage
79% of adults use internet
Half use at least 1 social networking site
Average age of adult social network site user has shifted from 33
to 38 years old. Over half of all adult users are now over the age
of 35!
92% use Facebook
29% use MySpace
18% use LinkedIn
13% use Twitter
52% of Facebook users and 33% of Twitter users engage with the
platform daily, while only 7% of MySpace and 6% of LinkedIn users
do the same.
Source: Pew Internet “Social networking sites and our lives” survey, 2011
Social Networking Do’s:
Be transparent. Be “you.”
Pictures speak louder than words - use them.
Coordinate your personality on all networks.
Make a blog the “hub” of your social media network.
Allow your company “evangelist” freedom.
Publish a social media policy for employees.
Be anonymous
Forget to check your networks
Forget to post something fresh
Be a Weiner!
Twitter DM Convo
It’s about “engagement”
Mobile Is
Going Social
Fastest growth in
use of smartphones
is social networking
Source: ComScore
Mobile Apps
Branding Opportunity
Empowering farmers and ranchers to
connect communities through
social media platforms.
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