ITEM 152-134-R0911 ATTACHMENT PAGE 1 The agreement also

ITEM 152-134-R0911
Board of Regents
Kevin McRae, Associate Commissioner
August 26, 2011
Item 152-134-R0911
I recommend approval of the FY 2012-13 labor agreement between the Montana University System and the
University of Montana – Missoula College of Technology Faculty Association.
The agreement covers approximately 59 employees in Missoula.
The agreement includes across-the-board base salary increases in October 2011 of one percent plus $500 per
year and in October 2012 of two percent plus $500 per year.
The major revisions to the new labor agreement are:
Normal salary increases as described above (1% + $500 on 10-1-11; and 2% + $500 on 10-1-12).
Continuation of current merit program (current number of awards and current dollar value of awards).
The parties agree in a memorandum of understanding to meet and confer in the year ahead on the
subject of summer compensation with a focus on reaching some type of mutual agreement on the
subject. Neither the union nor the administration could compel the other party to agree to a
particular demand or to make a particular concession. The parties agree that summer compensation is
a priority due to funding problems in the university system. Therefore, the parties will work
cooperatively to develop a strategy for summer compensation and explore whether there are any
mutually agreeable ideas for improvements to the status quo.
The agreement also includes a number of other housekeeping items that have no fiscal impact.