3rd Grade Peek of the Week January 20 2015 Bulldog's

3rd Grade Peek of the Week
January 20 2015
Bulldog’s ELA
Spelling Words
 The students will learn about how the
author organized his/her ideas e.g
 Guided Reading/STAAR
Pattern: synonyms
1. little
11. small
2. quick
12. fast
3. big
13. large
The students will use adjectives on
their writings.
4. nice
14. kind
The students will learn synonyms and
5. sick
15. ill
6. shout
16. yell
7. happy
17. glad
8. child
18. kid
9. pull
19. tug
10. synonym
20. antonym
Bulldog’s Sociul Studies
Martin Luther King, Jr. Rosa Parks
Student of the week: Christiana
Richardson and Noah Huddleston
Please have your students read every night
for learning and for fun. Read together with
your child. Some questions to ask:
1. Have him/her tell you the summary
using (Someone, Wants, But, So,
2. Ask the character traits of the main
character. What happen in the story?
3. What did you learn?
4. Re-read to make sense.
Thank you for all the wonderful presents
you gave me.
Paws Log
 conference time: 10:05-10:50 (MTWF)
 Phone: 281-245-3400
 Email: randerson@alvinisd.net
 Lunch: 12:15-12:30
Wish list: pencils and crayons
Updates: Field trip is on January 21. I will buy
snacks for the kids to eat during the field trip so
do not send snacks that day.
Thank you to all the chaperones!!!!! You are all
Homework due Friday!
1. Study spelling words
2. Reading log—Please make sure you
sign the reading log.
3. Reading passages to practice STAAR.