Mascot Mysteries

Mascot Mysteries
There are over 3500 colleges in the U.S. ~ below, are 14 of them. Do you know which college each belongs to?
Draw a line from the mascot to the name of the college you think it belongs to. This is tricky, but try your best!
Artie, The Artichoke
Bucky, The Badger
Champ, The Bulldog
University of Notre Dame
University of Wyoming
University of Iowa
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Cowboy Joe
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Goldy, The Gopher
Scottsdale Community College
Handsome Dan, The Bulldog
University of Minnesota – Duluth
Herky, The Hawk
Syracuse University
The Leprechaun (Fighting Irish)
Otto, The Orange
Sparky, The Sun Devil
University of Akron
Arizona State University
Yale University
Zippy, The Kangaroo
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