Theme 1: Relationships Weekly Theme: School Days Selection 1

Unit 3: I can make Discoveries
Weekly Theme: Food Around the World
Selection 1:
Title: Stone Soup
Author: Jon J. Muth
Folk Tale – a story based on the customs and traditions of a people or region, handed
down from one generation to the next
Comprehension Strategy:
I can use my imagination to visualize as I read the story.
Comprehension Skill:
Plot Development: I can make inferences as I read.
Spelling Unit 3 Week 1- Stone Soup
I can decode words with the /ӓr/ and /ôr/ spelling patterns.
Spelling Focus:
*words with /ӓr/ as in are and /ôr/ as in or
bark, shorts, sharp, sore, hard, storms, yard,
sport, sharks, porch, pour, story, chore, wore,
Review Words: knots, sign, wrong
Challenge Words: orchard, artist
Key Vocabulary:
guests – people who come to visit or eat
a meal
banquet – a large meal presented for an
important event or holiday
agreeable – nice or pleasant
curiosity – an interesting or strange thing
gaze – a steady look or stare
untrusting – having doubt about
Vocabulary Skills:
I can identify synonyms as words that have the same or almost the same
*To figure out the meaning that fits in a sentence, look up the word in a
thesaurus and choose the meaning that makes sense in context.
Grammar Skills:
I can identify action verbs as words that show action.
An action verb is a word that shows action.
An action verb shows what the subject of the sentence does.
Shannon stirs the soup.
Blake chopped the carrots.
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