Science Y8 Au1 Pure and Impure Substances

Subject: Science
Year Group: Year 8
Term: Autumn 1
Unit: Pure and Impure Substances
Unit Description
‣ Lesson 1: Pure substance
‣ Lesson 2: Separating mixtures
‣ Lesson 3: Identifying pure substances
‣ Lesson 4 : Diffusion
‣ Lesson 5 : Dissolving
Key Learning Objectives
‣ Pure and impure substances: the concept of a pure substance and chromatography
‣ Pure and impure substances: simple techniques for separating mixtures: filtration,
evaporation and distillation
‣ Pure and impure substances: the identification of pure substances
‣ Pure and impure substances: diffusion in terms of the particle model
‣ Pure and impure substances: mixtures, including dissolving
Stretch / Challenge
‣ Suggest suitable purification techniques given information about the substances involved
Weekly Breakdown
‣ N/A
Inclusion / Weekly Differentiation
‣ N/A
Homework Opportunities
‣ Planning an investigation
Assessment Focus
‣ N/A
Cross Curricular Opportunities
‣ N/A
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‣ Pupils to write their own definitions of a pure substance
‣ Fill in the blanks, pupils writing a risk assessment
‣ Writing a method and conclusion
‣ Write a conclusion
‣ Writing out key words and definitions
‣ Pupils need to measure the temperature at different time intervals.
‣ Pupils need to measure time taken for solution to turn purple using a stop-clock
‣ Drawing a graph
‣ Measuring volume of solution
‣ Conservation of mass
‣ Measuring volume of solution
‣ Group work during practical activities
Digital Learning
‣ N/A
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education
‣ Problem-solve – decide, choose, evaluate, gain confidence in using a range of problem
solving strategise in scientific enquiry, gain a sense of mastery
‣ Build a sense of coherence, order and predictability in the world by understanding the
principles of scientific enquiry, exploring how things work and discovering repeating patterns
and laws of science
‣ Through group work pupils can Work with others, e.g. to investigate, experiment, solve
problems, discuss strategy
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