Grade 7 Project for Pure Substances and Mixtures


Grade 7 Project for Pure Substances and Mixtures What happens to the Pure Substances and Mixtures we Create? Research into one of the following issues and create a report. Assess positive and negative environmental impacts related to the disposal of pure substances and mixtures Sample issues: Household Toxic Wastes – batteries, paint, cleaners  Why are they toxic? (what are they made of?)  Why are they harmful to the environment?  How can they be responsibly disposed of Sewage     where does it come from where does it go? How is it treated? What is the impact to the environment? Pesticides  Where are they used?  Why are they harmful?   What is the impact for the environment? What is a real life example of pesticides impact on the environment?  Nuclear power  How can they be properly disposed of what power is said to be clean energy, but the waste is not!

   Why is the waste so polluting? What is the impact on the environment? What is a real life example of nuclear waste escaping into the environment? Possible ways to show what you know 1. Tour guide or a traveler’s guide Imagine you are a pesticide, sewage, or toxic waste particle. You are looking to do some traveling. Once you are released from your container, toilet, storm drain, or battery where do you go? Create a travel brochure that explains where toxins can go and the impact they can have on their environment. Don’t forget to mention how humans can dispose of you responsibly and destroy your travel plans. 2. Kids story book Tell the story of your topic in a kid’s fiction or non fiction story book. 3. PSA or write a song A public service announcement is a commercial informing people about the causes and effects of one of your topic questions. You will not have to hand

anything in, but all of your information must come across clearly in a drama presentation 4. Information Brochure Create an information brochure to inform the public about your issue.