2007 January-February - The Institute of Internal Auditors

Calgary Audit Trails
February/March 2007
Inside this issue:
Hello everyone.
This period has been pretty active for
the Calgary Chapter and the Board.
Before I provide a brief run down of
some activities which have been
underway, I wanted to take a
moment to remind everyone to mark
the date of our AGM on their
calendar. This year, the AGM will be
held on May 16th. This is generally a
fairly well attended meeting, and I
am hoping for a good attendance
again this year. lease plan to attend.
As you may have already noticed,
there is some activity ramping up
around a National Conference being
planned for Calgary in 2008. This is
the first such conference, as the
format changes from a regional basis
to a national one. The Calgary Board
is very pleased that IIA in Florida
and the Canadian Council are
supportive of Calgary hosting this
event. Things are still in the early
stages, and a lot of work still needs
to be done. However, don’t let this
dissuade you from coming forth to
volunteer a bit of time to make this a
success. It is also a great opportunity to meet new friends and give
back a bit to your Chapter and
profession while making history.
The Chapter has had a
significant increase in members
in the past year and we are close
to reaching the 500 member
We are also pleased to welcome
Protiviti to Calgary. Protiviti is a
leading provider of independent
internal audit and business and
technology risk consulting.
Protiviti has become a sponsor of
our website, so please check
their banner on our web page
and support their site. The link is
On a closing note, the Nominations
Committee is presently seeking
volunteers to come forward to assist
in the running of our Chapter for the
upcoming year. Remember, the work
is shared among many members and
it not too onerous for anyone. Please
consider volunteering a little of your
time in the upcoming year to ensure
the continued success of our
Luncheon Notices
Editor’s Page
QAR’s what comes first?
Dates for your Diary
Student wins IIA Award
New Canadian Website news
Library Information
Board of Governors Listing
Advertising Fees
Hopefully, by the next newsletter, we
will be done with winter and into
spring-like weather. Until then, enjoy
the remaining snow.
A few quick highlights:
We are also making plans for the
Director’s Roundtable. Stay
tuned for a date for this event.
The introductory course for new
auditors is full, making this a
good success for our Chapter.
The January luncheon set a new
record for luncheon attendance.
Monthly Luncheon
Continuity the Goal – Audit the Control
By Bob Klay
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
11:30 – 12:00 Reception and Networking
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch and Feature Presentation
Added stability is added value; added value is an asset; assets are definitely of interest to
audit! This presentation will highlight some of the great things an audit department can bring
to a Business Continuity Management Program and some of the unique challenges for auditors
in auditing business continuity – with current and recent real-world examples.
Bob Klay I.S.P. is President and Founder of Klay Management Ltd. - a senior leader with a
focus on business process methodology and project management for thirty years: holding
such posts as “Director of Information Systems & CIO” at Alberta Natural Gas Company Ltd.
and Canadian Aviation Electronics – and various other senior management positions for
companies including Home Oil, Fluor Daniel (also one of the five members of the global Y2K
Business Continuity Council), and Veco Engineering. He is a past President of CIPS (Canadian
Information Processing Society). Bob obtained his degree majoring in Mathematics and later
studied and worked in computer programming. Mr. Klay has since proactively enhanced his
skill set through association and/or study with the University of Calgary, Banff School of
Management, Western University, the Project Management Institute, and the Disaster
Recovery Institute Canada.
Palliser Hotel, 133 – 9th Avenue SW
$35 for IIA members and $40 for non-IIA members.
Registration: Please confirm attendance to [email protected] by NOON on Wednesday March 14,
2007. The Palliser is unable to accommodate a large number of drop-ins. Therefore, you will need to pre-register
if you plan to attend. For prepayments, please call Sanjeev Saha @ (403) 509-7512. Do not send your VISA
numbers electronically.
To volunteer to speak at one of our luncheons, or to suggest a topic, please contact our Program Governors,
Faisal Alimohd at (403) 645-4657 or Tara Tobler at (403) 206-5179.
Happy New Year! Your BoG (Board of Governors) have
been working hard to provide the membership with the best
possible service, and to celebrate the end of the year, they
marked the festive season with a luncheon together at the
Metropolitan Grill. Here you can
see them all looking very cheerful
and happy, even though they
haven’t eaten yet! The beautiful
young lady in the foreground is
Ava, the daughter of our
education governor, Marcine
Francis. And yes, the new babies
were in attendance; you can see
the newest member of the Francis
household in the background, and
Miss Elena Curle was in her baby
carriage, sleeping. Aaahh.
Nominations for the 2007 BoG will be requested soon—
soon—if you fancy a piece of
this fun time, don’t forget to let one of the current BoG know!
What Comes First – an External QA Review or an Internal
QA and Improvement Program?
It’s lurking out there, mandatory compliance with the IIA’s 5 year requirement for all
internal audit departments to have an external quality assurance review. How can your internal
audit department prepare for the assessment and what should you expect? “It really is a
commitment to improve the internal auditing function,” states Tony O’Connor (MBA), an
accredited External QA reviewer.
“So much focus has been placed on SOX and CSOX compliance; Senior Management can
be somewhat disillusioned with the value of internal audit,” says Ken Bolstad (MBA, CIA), who is
also accredited to perform QA reviews. Now’s the time to re-engage executive management and
the Audit Committee by aligning internal audit with management strategies and accountabilities,
business risk, and a strong emphasis on assisting management through advisory and consulting
Dwayne Vinck (CA) has teamed up with Tony and Ken to provide Calgary’s Internal Audit
Community with Independent QA Review services or consulting support for Internal Audit
departments preparing for QAR's. “This is also an opportunity for audit leaders to use dedicated
external resources with an objective viewpoint to assist in developing an internal improvement
program to ready an internal audit department for an External QA,” said Dwayne.
“IA as a profession is truly evolving,” says Tony. The commitment to establishing and
formalizing a quality assurance and improvement program is critical to maintaining a healthy and
vibrant internal audit activity that is viewed by Management and the Board as a truly business
focused partnership.
At a minimum, the QA service offered by Tony, Ken and Dwayne provides Calgary Chief
Audit Executives an opportunity to engage dedicated external resources with an objective
viewpoint to:
(1) Assess the effectiveness of an IA activity in providing assurance and consulting services to
the board, senior executives, and other stakeholders;
(2) Assess conformance of internal auditing activity with the IIA Standards;
(3) Identify opportunities, offer recommendations for improvement (applying best practices
and benchmarking with other North American audit activities), and provide counsel to the
IA Department for improving their performance and services and promoting the image
and credibility of the internal audit function.
(4) “The 5 year requirement to be in compliance might be changing to requiring an External
QAR every 3 years,” stated Tony. So what are you waiting for? Engage dedicated
external resources with an objective viewpoint for your organization.
For a broader discussion call Tony O’Connor (403-585-8547), Dwayne Vinck
(403-540-9444), or Ken Bolstad (403-547-5138).
Dates for your Diary!
Upcoming Speakers and Luncheon Dates
March 21, 2007
Bob Klay, Klay Management
April 2007
Murray Wolfe, Fortis Alberta
SOX and Change Management
May 2007
Steen Skorstengaard, Deloitte
Trends Within Internal Audit in
June 2007
Steven Doyle, Protiviti
Business Continuity
Preferred Tickets/Prices to Moscow Ballet’s Swan Lake
The IIA Western Canada Sections are pleased to offer our members an opportunity to purchase preferred
seating and ticket prices to the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Swan Lake, with performances in Western
Performance dates are in November 2007. Ticket savings range from 5% to 10% off box office prices. Prices
vary by location.
The Moscow Ballet offers fundraising opportunities to community groups as part of its community outreach
program. IIA members are being offered preferred tickets and prices through Recovery Acres Society, an
Alberta based non-profit organization that provides alcohol and drug recovery programs in western Canada.
You can purchase tickets by emailing [email protected] (please provide your name and contact phone
number) or by calling Lynn at 403-245-1196. Be sure to identify yourself as an IIA member.
Swan Lake is arguably the most well known and well loved of the classical ballets. First performed in 1977 at
the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the ballet is now performed by ballet companies around the world.
For more on the history of Swan Lake, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swan_Lake.
To see photos of Moscow Ballet’s presentation of Swan Lake, visit www.nutcracker.com/content.php?id=28.
Jennifer Wong
As a student, being awarded with the IIA Award has
further encouraged me to continue concentrating on my
studies. I am genuinely grateful to be presented with this
scholarship such that it has helped me fund my tuition.
The Calgary Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors
is part of a larger, well-respected organization that has a
great presence in a diversity of countries around the
world. In addition, its immense impact on the Haskayne
School of Business is shown through providing students
opportunities to network and build relationships with
successful entrepreneurs.
I am currently completing my third year toward a Bachelor of Commerce Degree
majoring in Accounting at the University of Calgary. I was recognized for the
award based on my outstanding academic achievement during 2005-2006. Donors
are especially important to postsecondary institutions as they recognize
recipients who sacrifice time and commitment to hard work. My career plans
include a summer Assurance Intern position with Ernst & Young LLP that
commences in May 2007. After graduating, I hope to obtain a CA designation
through the CA School of Business program consisting of a series of modules.
Learning from experience, I’ve set goals to become more involved in the
community because that is what I personally find enjoyable. I am currently a
member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional co-ed business fraternity which strives
to build better leaders for the future. Its tag line, “Shaping People, Shaping
Business,” implies that people can be shaped into leaders and that they are the
ones who become the leaders of business.
Not getting IIA Calgary Chapter
notices by e-mail?
Update your membership profile on the IIA website if you
have changed jobs, moved house or just gotten a new
phone number. We update our mailing lists based on this
Visit www.theiia.org and click on Update Profile.
The IIA issued a press release earlier this month announcing the establishment of
the Canadian Office and hiring of a new Executive Director. So that our Canadian
members can stay informed of IIA events in Canada, a new Canadian Web site will
be up and running soon.
Meantime, for more information, check out the links below!
http://www.theiia.org/theiia/newsroom/news-releases/index.cfm?i=3175 (English)
http://www.theiia.org/theiia/newsroom/news-releases/index.cfm?i=3211 (French)
The Calgary Chapter of the IIA has a mandate to provide monthly luncheons, which
meet the interests of our members. If you have a suggestion for an interesting
speaker, please forward your comments to:
Tara Tobler at [email protected]
Faisal Alimohd at [email protected]
We look forward to hearing from our valued members.
Looking for study material for the CIA exam?
The IIA has copies of the highly regarded Gleim study manuals in its library, as well as
many other audit-related publications that may be of assistance to you.
If you want information on the library materials, contact our Research Governor,
Blair Cooper at [email protected]
IIA Chapter members can also receive a discount on purchases made at Chapters Bookstore using our
corporate/institutional sales account. Please quote our Account Card Number 9007 6548 to receive your
up to $199
$200 - $1,999
over $2,000
For details on what books are available from the IIA Calgary Chapter library, contact Blair Cooper at
[email protected]
Reg Hnatiuk
Phone: (403) 237-1029
Email: [email protected]
1st Vice-President
Holly Nofield
Phone: (403) 645-4537
Email: [email protected]
2nd Vice-President
Karen Shillingford
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Margaret Kangas
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Brinda Pyndiah
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Past President
Ruth Weir
Phone: (403) 699-5687
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Prior Past President Brett Naiden
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Karen Shillingford Phone: (403) 645-3692
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John Tang
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Brenda Cowell
Marcine Francis
Sanjeev Saha
Membership/CIA Hugh Tanner
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Tara Tobler
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Communications Mark Finningley
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Phone:(403) 219-6025
Email:[email protected]
Calgary Audit Trails is
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and distributed to all members
of the Calgary Chapter. The views
expressed do not necessarily
represent an official position of the
IIA or the Chapter. Names and
companies listed in the newsletter are
not to be used as a mailing list without the
permission of the Board.
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