1B-2/3 Worksheet

BIOL 256 SI, Molly
Unit 1B-2/3
1.) A molecule that is a mirror image of another, having a key functional group oriented in a
different direction, is called a ___________________________ of the other.
2.) In macromolecules, monomers make up polymers. Monosaccharides, disaccharides, and
polysaccharides refer to ________________________; peptides, polypeptides, and proteins
refer to _____________________; nucleotides and DNA/RNA refer to as
3.) What forms do humans and plants store glucose as? When we ingest the plant storage of
glucose, what happens to it in our bodies?
4.) Sketch the structure of the following types of lipids:
a. Phospholipid
b. Steroid
c. Triglyceride
d. Fatty Acid (saturated and unsaturated)
5.) Which of the following in not part of the structure of amino acids?
a. A functional group
b. A glucose group
c. An amino group
d. A carboxyl group
e. All the above are parts of amino acids
6.) Define each of the structural levels of proteins and sketch a picture of each.
7.) In the tertiary level of protein structure, what are the two main kinds of proteins? Give a few
examples of each.
8.) All the following are functions of proteins except:
a. Structure
b. Defense
c. System regulation
d. Transport
e. Provide genetic code
f. Contractile
**List at least one example by each, except the incorrect one