Information Technology in Finance

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Information Technology in Finance
15 h lectures, 30 h computer labs
III year, V semester
Bachelor Studies in Finance
Wrocław University of Economics
Information Technology, Basics in Finance
Lectures and animations: hardware, software, algorithms
Computer labs: Oracle, Ninja, Orange, Weka, Statistica
The Internet and Web services
Business Information Systems
This lecture presents the concept of Information Systems (IS) taking into consideration organizational,
technological and management perspectives. The major business functions of IS such as sales and
marketing, manufacturing, finance, accounting are illustrated. The processes in the transactional
systems, Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Business Intelligence solutions are detailed. The
database and warehouse technologies are presented using Oracle Database Management Systems.
The knowledge discovery methods and techniques are introduced, in particular data mining
algorithms and applications applied in finance. Definition of particular activities of knowledge
discovery from databases is discussed, with more detailed picture of most important techniques,
applications and IT terms. Topics will include the XML documents, the role of metadata, handling
missing data, and data preprocessing.
In the lectures and computer labs the financial databases and services such as Bloomberg,
Datastreams, Yahoo Finance will be used. A special attention will be given to rule discovery from
databases and frequent pattern recognition. The examples will be given using credit scoring, client
transaction databases, analysis of financial time series, bancruptcy prediction, anti-money laundering
discovery, e-commerce and Web data.
The final grade is to be based on three assignments.
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Basic Literature:
Advanced Knowledge about IT in Finance.
Knowledge of database systems – SQL Oracle
Knowledge of Web services, the Internet - Yahoo
Overview of financial applications
Concepts and IT tools used internationally in finance
Useful methods and techniques used in finance.
Analysis of financial information services
Financial databases
Prof. Jerzy Korczak
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