PEDS 409 Term paper assignment: The research proposal

PEDS 409 – Literature review strategy: Due Oct 27th.
The purpose of this assignment is to review the literature for information on the term paper topic
of interest. Students should provide details of a literature search strategy and results including
sources, keywords, and other strategies. Chapter 3 provides information on how to search the
literature. The librarian should be consulted if you have difficulty accessing the various
databases. Please include:
the database(s) searched
the number of hits for each keyword (tabular form is fine, or print off your search results
form the database screen)
the final number of relevant articles from the database search
success of alternative key words
year of articles included in database search (e.g., Dec 2002 to Oct 2003 or 1879 to 2003)
did you find articles not listed in the databases elsewhere?
What other sources did you consult?
What other strategies were effective?
After reviewing the literature, how confident are you that you have covered the relevant research
on the topic?