Evolution Project

Roohan Evolution Project
Spring 2009
Evolution and _______________________________
animal or plant
Genus and Species:
Habitat and geographic range:
What physical characteristics and how they’ve adapted to help survive:
Behavior and reproduction:
Diet and nutrition:
Survival skills and predators:
Interactions with people:
How evolution affects this animal—Conservation Status:
Closest relative:
Resources for Evolution Project
The Grzimek’s Student Animal Life Resource is available in print and online using our
databases. To reach the online version go to the Library Web Page, click on Databases.
Click on Gale Databases. Enter your topic in the search box. Click on the Books tab.
Look for Grzimek’s. Another great resource is the Environmental Encyclopedia. If you
choose to print go to the top right side and click Print Preview. Then hit Print. If you
need to copy Images and Photographs are available under the Multimedia tab.
From the Library Web Page click on Databases, Click on Grolier. Type your topic in
the search box. Notice in the results that Amazing Animals is listed.
http://www.natureserve.org/explorer/ (great for plants and animals)
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