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Community Partner Info Sheet
Opportunities Unlimited 2013
Youth in Motion is a national charitable organization that helps youth make meaningful educational and
career decisions while inspiring them to be contributing citizens. We are focused on developing the
leadership, employability and life skills of youth empower them to reach their full potential in life and in their
careers. For more information please visit our website at www.youth-in-motion.ca
Youth in Motion’s Opportunities Unlimited™ is a 26 week innovative employability skills development
program for young women between the ages 16-30 facing employment barriers. The program is designed
to help young women develop employment skills while learning to establish achievable career goals. The
program also strives to empower them to make key life skills enhancements for both their professional and
personal lives in areas such as health and well-being, self-esteem, etiquette, and conflict resolution.
During the first 4 weeks of the program participants learn essential pre-employment and life skills. This
training is then put in practice during a 22 week paid work placement. Each participant is paired up with a
mentor who provides encouragement and coaching during placement, an important part of the program. By
the end of the program the participants are working towards being job-ready or committing to going back to
school fulltime to be in a stronger position to have meaningful career options .
 Female between the ages of 16-30
 Not working or going to school and legally entitled to work
 Not in receipt of Employment Insurance
 A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or granted Refugee Status in Canada
 Facing one or more of the following unemployment barriers: high school non-completion, language
barriers, single parent, lack of social support, Aboriginal origin, visible or ethnic minority
 Youth must apply to this program and be referred by a community agency partner
 Community agency partner will provide initial assessment using OUL Application Form provided and fax
or email completed applications to Youth in Motion
 Eligible applicants will be contacted by Youth in Motion and invited for an interview
 Only 15 applicants will be accepted per program cycle
 Opportunities Unlimited Program runs from June 24th to December 20th, 2013
 Recruitment starts May 1st and ends June 17th, 2013
Please fax or email completed Opportunities Unlimited Applications to
Amoda Perera at 416.962.2946 or at [email protected]
Questions? Call us at 416.962.4946 ext. 104 or email [email protected]
Youth in Motion™ is a federally registered charity dedicated to offering innovative programs for Canada's youth.
Charitable registration number: 85733 8040 RR0001 Find out more at www.youth-in-motion.ca