Burgundy Balanced Pension Fund

 Burgundy Balanced Pension Fund On a risk scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the Highest, this fund is a 3. Fund Description For the fixed‐income portion of the Fund, Burgundy invests
primarily in high‐quality investment grade bonds (rated
triple B or better) purchased for income, quality and
liquidity. The focus of Burgundy's investment approach is
on a combination of fundamental corporate credit analysis
and spread analysis to identify corporate bonds that
provide the best risk/reward opportunities. For the equity
portion of the Fund, Burgundy looks for undervalued
companies with security prices that are well below their
estimation of their intrinsic value. Generally, an investment
will be made if a company's securities can be purchased at
a price that is approximately 30% or more below
Burgundy's estimation of their intrinsic value. This
difference provides a margin of safety designed to protect
capital as well as build wealth. Typically, a company's
securities are sold when their price meets or exceeds
Burgundy's estimate of their value or when the company no
longer meets Burgundy's fundamental valuation criteria.
The Fund will invest in equities of Canadian, U.S. and
foreign companies both directly and by investing in other
Current Benchmark Mix^
Fund Objective Performance(%)* The Fund's investment objective is to obtain sustainable
long‐term capital growth while minimizing capital risk, by
investing primarily in both equity and fixed income
securities of Canadian, U.S. and foreign entities.
Investor Profile Consider this Fund if you want a diversified portfolio which
produces income and with potential for capital gains and
you are comfortable with low to medium investment risk
(i.e. you are willing to accept some fluctuations in the
market value of your investment).
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
Portfolio Manager/SubAdvisor Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.
For additional information, please visit the Fund manager’s website at www.burgundyasset.com See disclaimer page.
as of March 31, 2013
10 yrs or since
1 yr
3 yrs
inception ‡
^Current Benchmark Mix is updated on an annual calendar basis.
*All returns are in Canadian dollars and published gross of fees.
†Annualized Returns for the fund.
Fund Inception: October, 2002.
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