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Burgundy, France

By: Kristy Rahe

History of Burgundy

• The romans had dominated the region known as Burgundy.

• In 486 the Franks overthrew the last Roman governor in Gaul.

• During the 5 th century AD, the bourguignons, a Germanic tribe, invaded and established the first kingdom of Bourgnone in France.

• The Bourgouignons were then conquered by the merovingian rulers of the Franks in 534 which were then absorbed by the Carolingian empire.

• Burgundy was then divided between Charles I of France and his brother. In 933 the two kingdoms were reunited

• It was then passed from the house of Capet to Phillip the bold

• By the middle of the 15 th century the duchy of Burgundy dominated French affairs

Culture of Burgundy

• Wine is one of the pillars and pride of burgundy, with some of the most famous wines in the world coming from their vineyards.

• Farming is dominated by cereal crop in the saone plane.

• It has a good network of canals that link to France's main rivers which have added prosperity to the region.

Famous Cities and Villages

• Dijon

• Chablis

• Beaune

• Vezelay


• Dijon was once the capital of Burgundy.

• The city is famous for its smooth mustard

• Dijon has a mustard museum


• Northern part of France

• Famous for their dry white wine

• Great for Wine lovers

• Vineyards surround the town

• Many wine shops


• Great for wine lovers

• Wine museum

• Beautiful old town with cobblestone streets


• A hilltop village

• Famous for its abbey, the sainte-madeleine basilica

Cuisine of Burgundy

• Burgundy food is rich and comes in large portions.

• Wine and beef are a common feature of burgundy food.

• Beof Bourguinion: beef marinated in wine and slow cooked with mushrooms, baby onions, carrots, and lardons (bits of bacon)

• Coq au vin: the chicken version of Beof Bourguinion

• Mustard is a regional specialty

• Burgundy snails (escargots) are prepared by stewing the snails with white Chablis wine, carrots, onions and shallots for several hours, then stuffing them with garlic and parsley butter before finishing them off in the oven

Celebrations of Burgundy

• Every year on the last weekend of January, the winegrowers in Burgundy celebrate and give thanks to their patron, Saint Vincent.

• The ‘Trois Glorieuses’ festivities are a series of spectacular wining and dining events with an annual wine auction.


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