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Born at Ghent,
1500; died
at Yuste,
in Spain, 1558;
was a descendant
of the house of
Charles was the son of Philip,
Duke of Burgundy, by
Joanna, daughter of
Ferdinand and Isabella,
and Burgundy was the first
heritage to which he at his led,
on his fathers death in 1506.
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As he was
a minor at that
time, his
aunt, Margaret
of Austria,
undertook the
regency for him.
chief was
in charge
of the
Growing up
Like many princes of his
house, Charles V developed
slowly, showing no signs of a
strong will. But he grew up
to be a man of power ruling
two countries.
The ending of his royal titles
In 1553 the accession of Mary Tudor to
the throne of England suddenly excited
his hope that he might extend his influence
in that kingdom. Mary Tudor was ready
to marry his son Philip, and in 1554 this
alliance became a fact.
The marriage
When their marriage proved childless, the emperor gave
up the fight and decided to turn over the conclusion of
peace to Philip and Ferdinand. Ferdinand insisted that
the authority of princes in the empire, as settled be the
agreement of Passan, should belegally recognized by
a decree of the Diet, and the equality of
the Catholic and Lutheran religions accepted.
-This was done at Augsburg in 1555.
After the decree
Shortly after the final decree of the Diet
of Augsburg, in 1555, Charles convened the
Estates of the Netherlands, and in their
presence transferred the government
to Philip.
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