Casino Lawyer Request for Articles Spring Edition, March 2015

Casino Lawyer Request for Articles
Spring Edition, March 2015
Submission Deadline:
January 30, 2015
NO articles will be accepted after the deadline.
Submit To:
Sue McNabb, Editor
[email protected]
Special Conference Distribution:
IMGL Spring Conference, St. Thomas
iGaming North America, Las Vegas
GiGSE, San Francisco
G2E Asia, Macau
iGaming Supershow, Amsterdam
Casino Lawyer is read by over 10,000 print subscribers in North America and beyond, as well
as by thousands more who read it online at the IMGL Website.
Submission Format:
Please submit a word document in Arial font, 12 point, double spaced, with numbered
pages. Please include your name and word count under the title, e-mail address, and a
brief bio (fewer than 200 words) at the end of the article. If space is available, the bio as well
as a photograph will be included with the article.
Please submit a high resolution
photograph in PDF format with the article submission.
In order to maintain the integrity and standards of Casino Lawyer, we accept only new material
that has not been previously published.
Magazine Theme: Gambling and the Economy
Article Ideas:
 Jurisdiction Profile: An article on the changing law and regulatory landscape of a
particular jurisdiction. 1800-2200 words
FEATURE/COVER STORY: 1800-2200 words
Member Articles
o There are usually between 3-6 member articles per issue that do not fall into the
above required section categories. 1200-1800 word count. If there are charts or
illustrations, please forward these as soon as possible with the synopsis of the
article so that the publisher can allocate space to accommodate the layout.
Book Review: 600 words
Optional articles: 1200 – 1600 words
New Developments in Native American Gaming/Indian Gaming Today:
New Developments in Internet Gaming
Gaming Lawyers and Ethics
Gaming Law and Policy
Advertising Deadlines:
Reserve space by February 2
Ad artwork submission March 2
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Half Page ad: $1,600
Quarter page: $ 875
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“Upcoming Events” features. Both provide a valuable opportunity to let Casino Lawyer’s
10,000 readers learn important news, developments and events regarding your firm. For
private attorneys and corporate members, these features can serve as an excellent marketing
tool and give recognition to our members. For government members, it is a good way to
highlight the positives of your agency. Best of all, it is free to members. Please keep the
announcements to fewer than 100 words.