Senate Agenda: 5:30 p.m. Ed2N-2307

Senate Agenda: 5:30 p.m. Ed2N-2307
Call to Order: 5:32pm
President’s Announcements: Veronica Searles
The Title IX survey is complete and will be sent out to some Senators soon for a pilot
run before it is sent out to the entire student body.
The last Senate meeting of the year will be held on May 11th.
Senate Elections
President: Chelsea Mitchell
Finance Committee: Eric Dong, Sally Peach, Mark Maeda
Winner: Mark Maeda
Diversity Committee: Naveed Heydari
Legislative Committee: Sara Flubacher
Philanthropy Committee: Cody Glickman
Communication Committee: Erin Henderson
Student Life and Affairs Committee: Zachary Barrickman
OCSS Announcements:
A wellness committee that wants to work with Senate to do some activities
approached OCSS to gauge interest. Their goal is to increase the climate on the
campus for everyone.
There should be at least one event from every committee during the summer.
Guest Speakers:
Russel Markman, Barnes and Noble
Russel is the Vice President of Campus Relations in the west for the college store
The goal for the Barnes and Noble store is to be placed in ED2S, with indoor and
outdoor entrances and a glass wall so passersby can see inside. There will be a
broader selection of materials, students can give feedback on apparel, and there will
be an e-commerce store set up online.
Question: Right now there is not a lot of logoed merchandise, how are you going to
change that? A: It’ll probably double in size
Question: Will there be program specific apparel? A: They will try to accommodate
anything the students want
Question: What happens to the students who need the bookstore before October?
A: Everything will stay open (the old store) – at most there may be a week gap.
Question: Will you have personal items such as band-aids, snacks, etc. A: Yes!
Question: How much input will the students have on the logoed merchandise? A:
All the binding decisions are made by the team that runs the store – students can
recommend anything and the store team will have to consider it.
Committee Sessions:
Legislative Affairs- Tyler Luke/Heather Ponicsan
Advocacy Day was held last Wednesday and it was exclusive for the
Anschutz Medical Campus Students. It was very successful.
The committee will continue to update the website with bill summaries and
Finance- Dylan Hartley
Reviewing the excellence awards nominations to choose winners.
Diversity- Naveed Hedari
There will be two more Saturday Sports Clubs held this year with Paris
The committee members will serve as guest judges for an event with Sky
Vista Middle School. The judging of the students environmental projects will
be held the next two Fridays. One will be a morning session and one will be
an afternoon session.
The committee will be working with the library to help sponsor the African
Americans in Medicine event held on April 27th .
Philanthropy- Alexandra Sufit
The committee is currently holding a food drive to support the Ronald
McDonald House taco night.
There will be a Habitat for Humanity build on April 25th, sign up is already
Casino Night is taking place on April 30th. Attendees can give to a charity of
thier choice. If you come to casino night, you will get a $1 off your first beer
at Coda Brewing after casino night.
Student Life & Affairs- Michelle Nelsen
Spring Fling will be held on April 30th. There are sign up spaces from 12-8,
but they need some more help from the 4-6pm or 6-8pm slots.
The committee needs two volunteers to help with casino night from 5-7pm
also on April 30th. They are also requesting that Senators ask for donations
for door prizes. If Senators cannot volunteer for Spring Fling, please try and
collect door prizes for Casino Night.
The last event of the year will be a movie night on May 1st. If you were in the
first 200 people to reserve tickets, you have to pick them up tomorrow
(4/14) or else they will become available for purchase on a first come first
serve basis.
The proposal was submitted to the ASAC Committee for out of scope funding
for the 6 water bottle fillers. We will know on April 20th if they are approved.
Communications- Chelsea Mitchell
Minutes were approved.
Adjourn: 6:46pm